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Can Big Eyes Coin Become The Newest NFT Collection To Surface And Catch The Wave of OpenSea’s Rising Sales?

You might think that the NFT hype is receding. However, looking at the NFT market, we are in the midst of what people on the water are calling a ‘swell period’. Simply put, the swell period is the timing of the arrival of a series of waves. After a long wading period, OpenSea’s market space has finally hit a big bump and is expected to continue.promised meme coin big eyes coin (BIG) seeks to capture this NFT hype with its exclusive Big Eyes NFT collection.

Open Sea: World’s first and largest NFT market space

Founded in 2017 by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah, OpenSea is a non-fungible online token marketplace headquartered in New York City. As of November 2022, OpenSea’s market space has over 2.4 million active users, with daily trading volume reaching his $6.03 million. Through this platform, non-fungible tokens, including collectibles, in-game items, and other blockchain-backed virtual goods, can be sold at fixed prices or directly through auctions. Open Sea is completely free to use and requires only 2.5% compensation per sale. NFTs purchased or created in Open Sea are stored in your own wallet, so you are ultimately in control of their security.

From 2023, OpenSea has already surpassed competitor Ethereum’s December NFT sales volume. According to public blockchain data, Analytics Platform Dune, OpenSea has processed $320 million worth of Ethereum NFT transactions so far in January, up from about $283.5 million in December. December marks the first time OpenSea has posted any kind of sales increase since April 2022, up from $253 million in November. This news brings new hope to the longevity of NFTs. Will the NFT manage to multiply by 10 in the ebb and flow or does the market need a new original his NFT for offshore?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Raises $17.5 Million

A new coin in the spotlight, Big Eyes Coin, is already very popular and is being developed on the Ethereum network. Currently in the ‘pre-sale’ phase, Big Eyes boasts 200 billion tokens in its budding phase, 80% of which are reserved for the community. With a shiny new coin site and sale at sea, Big Eyes aims to donate 5% of all tokens to ocean conservation charities to help restore and protect the world’s oceans.

When One Big Eyes falls into the ocean, it creates ripples and stirs up the tide. Big Eyes Coin believes the community is the creator of change and wants to join the effort to make it accessible by making its coin available for purchase for less than $1. . This means that initial contributions to the world of cryptocurrencies and investments are low maintenance yet impactful. It’s really that simple, Pura Vida. The fact that this meme coin made real donations before launch, featuring charity support as a key part of the platform, is a testament to the team behind Big Eyes Coin. It shows how committed you are to

To summarize:

It’s too early to say that Big Eyes Coin can duck dive to reach the incoming waves of OceanSea, but one thing is clear. It resonated with the crypto community, which is essentially the most important factor to success. On top of that, the striking aesthetic style is definitely a plus, so the next time you surf the web, check out this project before everyone talks about it.

If you’d like to join the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Presale and support Meme Coin, which helps slow and reverse climate change, use our promo code to claim your bonus tokens. Launch BIGEYES200 Earn a whopping 200% bonus $BIG tokens!

You can also find more information about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) by following the link below the article.

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