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Can $1,000 offer enough support to turn around ETH downtrend?

  • Analysts who predicted the 2018 bear market believe that Bitcoin and Ethereum prices are very close to their bottom.
  • Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary elaborated on his crypto holdings including Ethereum and the scaling solution MATIC.
  • Analysts claim that the price of Ethereum could fall below $ 1,070.

update: Ethereum price forecast As the crypto market continues to decline, it’s a risky exercise, like the one created by the smart contractor of crypto Twitter analysts who claim that Ethereum prices are nearing the bottom. Despite the turbulent Wednesday the ETH Bulls were able to keep the psychological level of $ 1,000, the Federal Reserve’s results are not risk-friendly for crypto-like assets and Ethereum prices are I’m heading south again on Thursday. The second largest cryptocurrency is trading at around $ 1,100, down about 10% at the time of this update (10.30 GMT). Ethereum bulls really show up, as hedge funds like Three Arrows Capital, facing huge liquidations and potential bankruptcies, have bears licking their chops with more potential losses. Finally, you need to buy some dips so that you don’t fall below the significant $ 1,000 level.

Cryptocurrency analysts known for accurately predicting the crypto bear market believe that Ethereum is close to the lowest of the print cycle. Analysts believe that Ethereum prices may continue to fall.

Is Ethereum’s price likely to bottom out soon?

The crypto strategist’s smart contractor accurately calls the bottom of Bitcoin, Ethereum At the bear market in 2018. Analysts are now back in the predictions of the two biggest cryptocurrencies and believe that BTC and ETH are close to the low cycle.

Analysts told 208,000 followers on Twitter that Ethereum has gone through the surrender phase and is trading at a level that provides strong support.

The smart contractor is quoted in his recent tweet:

Both BTC and ETH are 200-week moving averages for each week. The bottom is very close in my opinion, probably a slight new low in a lower time frame, but this is where in my opinion it begins to accumulate. This is pure pure surrender.

ETH-USD Price Chart

Kevin O’Leary is Ethereum and bullish

Kevin O’Leary, a Canadian entrepreneur and investor in Shark Tank, recently revealed the cryptocurrencies in his portfolio. O’Leary shared his investment strategy when the crypto market was hit by massive volatility. Shark Tank stars and billionaire investors adhere to the general rules of portfolio theory when allocating capital to cryptocurrencies.

In an interview with the Bankless podcast, O’Leary shared the rules of portfolio capital allocation and hinted at a bullish outlook. EthereumOne of the cryptocurrencies he holds.

If Ethereum’s price drops below $ 1,070, altcoin could be pushed to new lows

Analysts Ethereum Price trends and $ 1,070 are ETH’s main support, claiming that below this level could put significant pressure on the Bulls. The price of altcoin may slide to support at $ 1,000 in the short term.

ETH-USD Price Chart

ETH-USD Price Chart

Ethereum prices could fall into the 3-digit range

FX Street Analysts believe that Ethereum prices may fall and fall into the three-digit territory. Watch the following video for more information.


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