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Cairo, Crucial Programming Language for Ethereum (ETH), Receives Major Upgrade

Vladislav Sopov

StarkWare, Top Producer of STARK-Based Scaling Solutions for L1 Blockchains, Shares Cairo 1.0 Details


zk-STARK (Zero-Knowledge, Scalable and Transparent Knowledge Arguments) has evolved into the mainstream zk-based L2 solution for the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

StarkWare Releases Cairo 1.0, First-ever Upgrade to a Programming Language

According to an official statement shared by the StarkWare team, its programming language Cairo will receive its first-ever major upgrade called Cairo 1.0.

The v1.0 upgrade makes Cairo a more robust, simple and easy-to-use programming language for smart contract and dApps developers.

At the core of Cairo is Sierra (Safe Intermediate Representation), an intermediate layer designed to allow safe verification of all Cairo programs.


This design makes it more resistant to network-wide attacks.

Advanced developer experience for programmers focused on L2

Enabling Cairo 1.0 also allows its users (developers) to enjoy Ethereum-grade security for all their smart contracts and applications.

Both outcomes are achieved without the network sacrificing cost efficiency and decentralization.

StarkWare’s StarkEx technology is one of the most important for the L2 segment, according to the L2Beat tracker. Three of the ten largest protocols by TVL (dYdX, Immutable X, Sorare) are built on top of it.

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