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ByeBanX to create second ‘Bankers’ NFT series, reveals CEO

ByeBanX is working on the second series of the “Bunkers” NFT collection, “Showing the Devilish Way of the Future, Hopefully Inspiring the Change and Improvement of Cryptocurrencies and the Digital World.”

According to CEO James Gale, the entire ByeBanX concept is a collection of 100 unique NFT artworks of Genesis aimed at celebrating the world of cryptography and the evolution from cash and traditional banks to the world of cryptocurrencies. It was created as a kind of.

Gail told Coin Rivets that there are currently 666 in the collection to represent “the demonic way of the previous (and current) era.”

“We are in the process of creating a second series of demonic ways of the future that will hopefully inspire changes and improvements in the crypto / digital world,” he said.

He also owns ByeBanX Unique work of art, But they will be part of that exclusive membership group.

“This includes access to future projects such as the EdYN project, but also projects related to ByeBan X’s progressive roadmap, which also includes the benefits of IRL (real life),” he said. I did.

ByeBanX is a project related to the Summit BC ecosystem. “A design studio and crypto company focused on delivering value to the community through exciting crypto projects.”

“All ecosystem projects have some impact on other projects. For example, ByeBanX has a utility that provides access to the next NFT project, EdYN’s Nemesis Apes,” Gale added. rice field.

“EdYN is a completely 3D8K metaverse avatar project, with the ambition to be a good NFT project, linked to the game and the complete metaverse utility.”

Will the banker collapse?

When talking about ByeBanX’s missionGale said it simply asked, “Will the banker fall?”

“This is a rhetorical question that provides food for deeper thinking,” he explained.

“We believe in crypto in the form of digital currencies, and thanks to the super technology behind the development, NFTs open up a bright future.

“In the long run, this can mean banks are redundant, and central corruption can be a thing of the past. This is probably a bit far away, but it’s our long term. Belief.

“This increase is already astounding and many celebrities are jumping into the bandwagon. It’s a very exciting space and anyone coming in will soon be hooked.”

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