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Bunny Club NFT Collection from BearCat.Studio launches on Opensea

The collection consists of 10k Each unique rabbit has its own personality. Each rabbit is born of a humble picture and uses more than 200 hand-painted features in nine different categories, such as clothing, headgear, and facial expressions to convey a unique personality and emotion. These are called features.

The DNA of each rabbit is constructed using a bespoke computer program, using a selection from 200 properties. After a DNA check to make sure each rabbit is unique, the DNA is printed to form a completely unique rabbit rabbit.

Each bunny rabbit image is embedded in its own NFT token, like a digital envelope that wraps the artwork, using a process called “minting”. The collection was then sold on the Opensea NFT Marketplace at a price of 0.0888 Ethereum each.

BearCat.Studio has created the Bunny Club as an ongoing effort to raise awareness of non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

“NFT smart contract technology has made a lot of positive moves this year. Our goal is to continue to raise awareness of NFTs and attract new people to the technology,” he said. Zuber Mohsan From BearCat.Studio.

The Bunny Club was the first of many collections launched by BearCat.Studio and is now exclusively available at’.BearCat.Studio – Bunny Club‘The Opensea Marketplace collection, Bunny, is priced at 0.0888 Ethereum.

BearCat Studio

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Zuber Mohsan
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