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Building an Open Metaverse Through Humor

Throughout its life, memes have come to be understood as more than just cat pictures and failure videos that occasionally provoke laughter. It has become a big part of the culture. achieve endurance as a somewhat universal language.

This also applies to the NFT space where the meme continues. created, shared, sold for an incredible sum.Out of tune, self-deprecating, and sometimes meaningless By the nature of Web3, blockchain culture would not be complete without humor extracted and disseminated through memes.

But even in Lea Pepe Firth One fast-growing project that makes up Web3’s comedy chronology is starting to stand out. Although still relatively young in the grand scheme of NFT history, The Memes by 6529 Bringing collaborative humor to blockchain while driving conversations about decentralization, community, and self-sovereignty.

Who is 6529, the contributor of the meme?

The Memes by 6529 potentially represents the simplest naming of NFT collections we’ve seen recently, essentially NFT memes curated by prominent thought leaders and Web3 builder 6529But while the collection may seem like a hodgepodge of aimless memes, it serves as an integral part of 6529, open the metaverse (OM) brand.

To understand the full scope of a project, we must first understand its creator. Simply put, Anonymous Collector 6529 (aka Punk6529) is the voice of wisdom for Web3 and his leader of sorts in the NFT field. First notoriety as his NFT collector at a high level in 2021, he earned respect through his NFT bull run early on. Philosophical Twitter Thread Easily one of nft now’s as an artist champ. 2022 NFT100 Winners.

From Fall 2021 to Winter 2022, the 6529 has clearly transformed from an NFT collector to a serious mission-oriented builder.Advocate establishing an open metaverse to the centralized Corporate players like MetaHis OM project is based on the idea that 100 million people in an open metaverse can change the world.Currently, OM and 6529 Brands It serves as a hub for crypto art exhibitions, unique edition collections, education and more. This is where memes come in.

Taking the lead in the open metaverse, 6529 uses memes to gain OM support and spread the values ​​of decentralization, community, and self-sovereignty. To this end, 6529 has created The Memes to be open and accessible. Edition sizes are generally large, keeping it cheap and keeping the barrier of entry low for anyone willing to join his cause.

What is a meme, really?

Launched on June 9, 2022, The Memes is a multi-level, multi-season NFT project that combines humor, collaboration and Web3-centric messaging. But the idea (and name) stems from Marxist ideology. Specifically, the idea that workers must “grasp the means of production” in order for capitalism to collapse. This means that the working class must control the land, labour, and capital that can be used to produce goods while prohibiting private property and redistributing wealth more broadly.

In the NFT space, the phrase has been satirized and reframed to fit Web3’s ideology, emphasizing that meme culture is the driving force behind the blockchain by grabbing meme Artists and creators are building a new creative economy via blockchain technology, giving power back to the creative industry working class. Yes, it’s a high-level concept, but it boils down to memes, art, and vibes via 6529’s The Memes.

The Memes Collection has 1 full season of 8 memes, each containing 2 to 11 limited edition NFTs. You can think of memes as prompts. In other words, the artist who provides her NFT for a meme aims to create a visual representation of that meme (prompt). For an example, see the Season 1 Meme Four with the prompt “GM” below.

A selection of art from Season 1 of The Meme, Meme 4. Source: The Memes by 6529

To date, artists of all faiths are invited to contribute NFTs to The Memes.The project is 6529 and 6529er — the multidisciplinary designer who created the 6529 logo — and has since expanded to encompass the work of artists large and small, from photographers to illustrators, 3D artists, and even NFT legends like XCOPY.

It’s important to note that each meme featured on The Memes aligns with NFTs or crypto culture in some way. From innocuous sentiments like “WAGMI” and “use a hardware wallet” to action-driven communist sentiments like “freedom of trade” and “don’t let institutions steal his JPEGs” Up to the statement, the 6529 is carefully crafted. The language of the project should be relevant to Web3 while speaking of the aforementioned values ​​of decentralization, community and self-sovereignty.

The future of memes

Midway through season two, it became clear that The Memes would continue to harness the spirit of distributed creativity and diversity to propel the project forward.With new contributions from artists like Cass Simard When Grant Riven Yun, The Memes continues to generate drop after drop of hype, creating a sort of Trojan NFT project. So, higher prices mean more hype and stronger deals. However, upon further inspection, The Memes has a meaningful connection to the core concepts of blockchain.

Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why The Memes continues to grow in popularity. In just over half a year, many of the early meme NFT releases are 1 or 2 he can’t buy for less than ETH, and it’s impossible to get a complete set (meaning his one for each meme released). , has become a somewhat legendary feat. In fact, it was only recently that CryptoPunk was traded for a complete set of The Memes, providing a historical point of reference for The Memes’ growing value.

But despite rising floor prices for nearly every edition of The Memes’ catalog, the project’s creators have warned against the possibility of joining the ranks of meme owners simply to make a profit. Yes. Talking again about the real meaning behind his brainchild, 6529 tweeted a warning Instead of “buying meme cards to make money,” he urged them to “buy them because owning them gives them a sense of identity and they want to support their mission.”

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