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Budweiser NFT collection sees them partner with 22 emerging artists

Budweiser has partnered with 22 musicians for a new NFT collection

Budweiser I came back after the latest one was sold out immediately NFT A collection of the most iconic heritage cans. This time around, we’ve pushed NFT into the music industry by spotlighting and supporting 22 up-and-coming artists, releasing a collection of 11,000 NFTs. Each artist will release 500 NFTs, allowing fans to directly support the artist while gaining exclusive benefits such as:

  • Core NFT It is a collection that can reproduce these novas and show off your fandom. 400 cores / artist
  • Rare NFT You can access Discord’s virtual listening party with a specific artist. Snapshots will be announced in advance. 99 Rare / Artist
  • Super rare NFT Get access to rare NFT benefits and video calls with specific artists. Snapshots will be announced in advance. 1 Ultra Rare / Artist

Each mint is a random NFT collector’s item that represents one of 22 artists. Budweiser Loyalty NFTs are priced at $ 499 / NFT, which includes $ 75 of gas (or equivalent in local currency). Each NFT can only be purchased via Coinbase Commerce with a credit card, ETH, or BTC. The new NFT Collection Budweiser Loyalty NFT will be available on January 21, 2022.

The artists in the collection Satomaa, Leo Conosa, Sprtyk, Millie goes lightly, Lil poro tea, Farina, T: I, Cabrito, Lulu, Lil Benjas, DTheFlyest, Samantha Sun Checks, Lil Keed, Fase Yoda, Beanz, Ilham, Lian Fuzz, Pao Pao, Fresco tray, Nardine, Blu DeTiger, When Ima Soul..

This collection is only available to adults over the age of 21 or adults who can drink legally.

“At Budweiser, we have a mission to provide up-and-coming artists with a global stage that may not be accessible otherwise.” AB InBev Vice President of Global Brands Richard Oppy Said.

Budweiser is now Metaverse, They were cooperating before Vayner NFT Founder Gary Weinachuk This helped release the 1,936 Heritage Can NFT collection. Now they are working together again to introduce 22 emerging music artists in the NFT release.

“I’m crazy about up-and-coming music artists. I strongly believe that this collaboration will bring immense value to both Budweiser and the artist and bring a unique experience to the fans.” Vaynerchuk said.

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