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BudBlockz is a hidden crypto gem, just like Loopring (LRC) and Immutablex (IMX)

It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market has been in a bear market for some time. As an investor, you know that diversifying your portfolio is the best way to increase your profits and minimize your losses. Now, if you’re good at making good trades, even in these bleak times you can still do some murder. Good.

Treating cryptocurrencies as a long-term investment makes them less susceptible to market sentiment. Don’t buy out of fear of missing out or sell out of panic. We are also well positioned to tap into hidden gems in the market such as BudBlockz (BLUNT), Loopring (LRC) and ImmutableX (IMX).

BudBlockz is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency project focused on the cannabis industry. BudBlockz’s main goal is to create his online ecosystem where cannabis enthusiasts around the world can interact and buy their favorite cannabis products.

BudBlockz has several exciting features such as an e-commerce platform, farm, clinic, NFT marketplace, game arcade and lounge.

The BudBlockz e-commerce platform is an online platform that allows cannabis enthusiasts to purchase their favorite weed products without having to visit a physical store. Plus, the platform is private and secure, making it suitable for enthusiasts just getting started in weed.

Products on the BudBlockz e-commerce platform are only available to people in weed-friendly jurisdictions. However, those out of state can still participate in the BudBlockz ecosystem and the general cannabis marketplace by purchasing BudBlockz NFTS. These NFTS represent partial ownership of BudBlockz-affiliated farms, pharmacies, and products.

Owning a BudBlockz NFT is a great way for cannabis enthusiasts to learn more about the cannabis industry and gain industry experience without being directly involved in decriminalized cannabis products.

BudBlockz is not the only cannabis-centric blockchain-based project, but its unique approach to the cannabis industry sets it apart from the rest. The platform was created to address pressing issues affecting cannabis enthusiasts while maintaining the fun atmosphere associated with cannabis. These qualities make BudBlockz likely to skyrocket in price over the next few years.

Other coins that investors should consider are Loopring and Immutable X.

What is a loop ring?

Loopring (LRC) is a decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to securely exchange cryptocurrencies across different platforms.

At first glance, Loopring looks like a decentralized exchange platform. However, Loopring is a little different from decentralized exchanges in that it connects multiple exchanges. In short, Loopring facilitates the exchange process between other platforms, including distributed platforms.

Loopring is blockchain agnostic and therefore compatible with any platform that uses smart contracts. As a result, it is one of the most undervalued coins, but experts predict it will be one of the better performers in the long run.

What is Immutable X?

Immutable X is an Ethereum-based Layer 2 scaling solution for NFT projects. Immutable X has exciting features like near-zero gas fees, scalability, and faster project launch speeds.

The main goal of the project is to solve the scalability problem of the Ethereum blockchain. Immutable X sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain, increasing throughput without compromising security and decentralization.

The last word

BudBlockz, Loopring and Immutable X are currently underrated innovative cryptocurrency projects. However, as an investor looking for long-term gains and passive income, he should consider adding three more coins to his portfolio.

For more information on BudBlockz (BLUNT), see the link below.

Official website:


BudBlockz Community Links:

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