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BTC, ETH Consolidate on Saturday, Following Yesterday’s Gains  – Market Updates Bitcoin News

BTC Cryptographic prices have been consolidated following the recent rise, so it was slightly lower to start the weekend.Both after prices soared on Friday ETH Bitcoin was slightly lower as the Bulls seemed to liquidate their positions to secure profits.


Bitcoin was declining to start the weekend as the market merged following Friday’s soaring prices.

Following a peak of $ 21,138.24 in yesterday’s session, BTC/ USD fell to a midday low of $ 20,518.90 earlier today.

This decline comes as yesterday’s momentum eased slightly and bears re-entered the market near a key point of uncertainty.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH merged on Saturday, following yesterday's profits
BTC/ USD – Daily Chart

Looking at the chart, this resistance level is around $ 21,100, which is often the zone where bears like to circulate.

On this occasion, they may choose to attack, retreat some of the previous bulls from their position, and some bulls may be waiting for the right time to re-enter. ..

This is also consistent with the 14-day RSI reaching the upper limit at 48, but if the price strength exceeds this, the upward momentum may continue.


ETH Prices fell slightly following Friday’s relatively strong backlash, exposing Saturday to a similar fate.

Yesterday, the world’s second-largest token reached its daytime high of $ 1,275.78 as daytime prices rose nearly 12%.

This momentum has weakened slightly today, with the weekend opening price hitting a low of $ 1,195.61.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH merged on Saturday, following yesterday's profits
ETH/ USD – Daily Chart

After temporarily crossing the $ 1,270 resistance level on Friday, some early bulls abandoned their positions and chose to make a profit instead.

At the time of writing, prices continue to trade slightly above $ 1,200, which is a good sign for anyone looking to take a long-term position.

The Relative Strength Index is currently tracked at 49.27, the highest since April. However, if prices rise, we need to strengthen it further.

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Will ETH When BTC Do the rest of this weekend tend to be low? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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