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Brand misuse on OpenSea; Banksy dispute update; EUIPO NFT approach; and much more

Everything we’ve covered in the WTR over the last seven days, and everything we need to know from the trademark world to prepare for the beginning of the next busy week.

Long lead

Breakthrough rulings can turn the tide Chinese trademark hijacker..

Monday, July 11

Continued long-term debate, Street artist banksy Faced with greeting card retailer full color black in opposition to two Australia.

EUIPO NFT related applications In the midst of a surge in filing.


Tuesday, July 12

IP offices in the Philippines look to the future, Madrid Prices will be adjusted In different regions, the Buy Safe America Coalition issues new warnings and more.

UK Government outlines plans to simplify the country Design systemFollowing a recent call for feedback.


Wednesday, July 13

China Quality Brand Protection Commission Top 10 cases Emphasizes new ways to calculate damages and indemnity, as well as increased cooperation between authorities and businesses.

After NBCUniversal challenged the US trademark of DUNDER MIFFLIN, the applicant Hitback Where he calls it a “bulging claim”.


Thursday, July 14

Corrs Chambers Westgarth experts Brand jamming..

Unauthorized brand use at OpenSea Still popular WTR research shows that more NFT marketplaces will be launched.


Friday, July 15

Behind the scenes of the domain name registrar EnCirca, That new tool Track the trademark of the alternate domain root.

Grice Lutz heads to the Metaverse, the British Intellectual Property Office Temporary head, Love Island Counterfeit jibes are infected with the virus.

IP Australia Post new information How government sanctions on Russia and Belarus could affect trademark owners.


Saturday, July 16

Increasing demand for sustainable products The end of fast fashionHowever, brands must take a cautious step in adapting, arguing this week.

WTR Special Report: Data that delves into the status of trademarks

WTR Latest special report We present data that delves into the status of trademarks. Reveals the largest portfolio owners, insights from annual benchmark surveys, and US litigation patterns.

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