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Boy Meets Girl Collaborates With Artists on NFT Collection – WWD

Boy Meets Girl, a young contemporary athleisure brand led by designer and creative director Stacy Igel, has partnered with 11 female artists in an NFT collaboration with her own artwork.

6 people NFT It was launched on BoyMeetsGirl’s foundation site

This is a 1/1 limited edition NFT project.With these sales NFTFrom 1 ETH, NFT buyers will receive a limited edition Boy Meets Girl hoodie designed with artwork. One-third of the revenue from NFT sales will be donated to each artist, and 30% of the net revenue from Boy Meets Girl’s revenue will be donated to the Chicago Abortion Fund.

Boy Meets Girl x Antares x @ Stacieabuhler NFT.
Courtesy of Boy Meets Girl

The mechanism of the project is that one artist puts his work in the boy’s logo and another artist puts his work in the girl’s logo. “It’s all about working together and helping others amplify their work. I’ve always done it through my brand, but I decided to do this with all these artists. I’m excited, “said Igel, who founded her company in 2001.

In addition to Igel, artists include Ami Ankin, Antares Vargas, Stacie A. Buhler, Bri Romano, Rachel Wilkins, Lori Grace Bailey, Sophie Elgort, Adriana Krawcewicz, Ann Li, Talia Zoref and Lost Girls Metaverse.

Photographer and director Elgort describes her NFT as follows: Each pair has a different story. Inspired by Adriana’s illustrations, I went back to my archive, found her lips shot over the years, and cut them out in a collage. “

The same NFT, Polish-born interdisciplinary Krawcewicz fashion The NFT artist, whose image appears in the girl, said: “I love the spirit of Boy Meets Girl, which promotes equality and inclusiveness. This is very in line with the vision of the NFT community and I wanted to show it through artwork. fashion As an illustrator, I was empowered by applying lipstick and wanted to paint it through a variety of women and a variety of women representing minorities, while feeling beautiful. “

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