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Boy & Bear Launch New NFTs By American Express To Raise Awareness For Back The Night Music Festival

Australian indie rock band Boy & Bear has worked with American Express to launch a unique NFT collection that marks the band’s participation in the American Express BackThe Night Music Festival this Sunday.

The NFT collection brings a variety of exclusive Boy & Bear digital artwork to life, unleashing exclusive American Express BackThe Night experiences and access to products. 70% of the revenue from the initial NFT sales will go to support legislation to help the music industry recover from the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. These funds will be added to the revenue from the sale of Back The Night tickets, 100% of which will go directly to the Support Act.

You can choose from three Boy & Bareback The Night NFTs: Platinum, Gold and Blue.

Platinum, gold and blue NFT collection by Boy & Bear.

Platinum: One exclusive Platinum NFT will be auctioned for truly enthusiastic boys and bear fans. Comes with the ultimate experience package for two at the American Express Back the Night Music Festival. This includes meeting boys and bears and greetings.

Gold: You can buy 4 carefully selected Gold NFTs. Each comes with a double back the night pass, so you can enjoy the American Express back the night experience.

Blue: You can buy a limited number of 200 blue NFTs. All blue NFT buyers will start running to win Boy & Bear Golden Tickets to see the next show they have chosen in 2022.

Boy & Bear said: It’s specifically reduced to support law – it feels great. It’s great to be able to play a small role in something big. “

Naysla Edwards, Vice President of Brand and Member Experience at American Express, said: A memorable experience for the upcoming American Express Back The Night Music Festival. This is our brand’s first NFT collaboration in Australia and we are proud that music lovers are enjoying this innovation. We will also give back to the Support Act to continue helping the music industry recover. “

The NFT Collection is created and published by Fanaply, “Environmentally Friendly NFT Marketplace, Creating Official NFTs with the Largest Names of Music, Sports and Entertainment”.

Back The Night on American Express is a unique festival experience designed to allow ticket owners to curate their own customized lineup by choosing the venues they want to attend and the artists they want to see. Held this Sunday, May 29th, ticket sales will be directed to the Support Act and the event will feature artists such as:

  • Gang of Youths – Oxford Art Factory from 7:30 pm
  • Boy & Bear – Surly’s American Tavern from 5pm
  • Alex Ramírez – Columbia Hotel from 6pm
  • Odette-Hide Park House from 6pm
  • Jeskent – ​​Columbia Hotel from 4pm
  • Delta Riggs (DJ Set) – Columbia Hotel Rooftop from 2:00 pm

Boy & Bear NFT can now be purchased in the following ways:

visit View the complete Music lineup of Back The Night and receive the latest information on the latest festivals.

To follow and continue with Back The Night’s music events, visit your AmexAU Instagram account.

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