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Boredpuma And Splash Fashions Become Partners To Release NFT Collaboration In The Middle East

An NFT is a unit of non-exchangeable information stored, sold and traded on the blockchain, digital ledger. NFT data units are associated with digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Creative studio Boredpuma has collaborated with Splash Fashions, part of Dubai-based retailer Landmark Group, to create the Celestial Collection and solidify its position as the first company to release an NFT in the Middle East. The virtual collection consists of sustainability and fashion concepts and concept art created by John Sassil.

The celestial body collection consists of characters designed to represent the celestial bodies of the universe and is inspired by elements such as the sun, moon, planets, stars, and constellations. The character design is inspired by anime and symbolizes the graphic elements of Y2K aesthetics. Samurai Sword has the identity of each character with its attractive and unique design. Future projects in the collection will include 3D avatars with masks as a symbolic personality that combines fashion with “Gen2” Puma Punk. It will allow them to move to the Metaverse in the future. Once an NFT collaboration purchase is made, members will have access to all the perks, will be able to participate in fashion shows, circles inside future projects, and will be able to mint and purchase during the pre-sale. .. All NFT holders will get a Discord “Splash” badge.

The Boredpuma and Splash collaboration consists of a collection of 3D cards with a fully developed semi-dystopian story. Celestial means an immersive audio and visual experience with the Celestial collection’s soundtrack and unique elements, 3D character creation, 3D environment, and VR characters that will be part of the world of the collection.


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