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Bored Ape Yacht Club: Someone accidentally sold a $300k NFT for $3K

Max intended to list this precious Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for 75 ethers, or $ 300,000, but instead listed it for .75 ethers.


The Boring ape yacht club Is one of the most prestigious NFT collections in the world. You may be ridiculed that the words “prestigious” and “NFT” are used very closely, but some of the star-studded members are Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Curry, and Post.・ There is Malone. Currently, the entry price (that is, the cheapest price to buy a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT) is 52 ethers, or $ 210,000.

So it’s very hard to see someone accidentally sell a Bored Ape NFT for $ 3,066 on Saturday.

Abnormal transactions are often an interesting business sign, as is the case for those who have spent $ 530 million to buy NFTs. From myself.. On Saturday, the cause was a simple and catastrophic “fat finger error.” That’s when people trade online for the wrong thing or for the wrong amount. Here, the owner, real name Max or username maxnaut intended to list the boring apes for 75 ethers, or about $ 300,000, but mistakenly listed them for 0.75. 1/100 of the intended price.

Boring apes

One of these sales is different from the other.

High seas

I bought it instantly.The Buyer paid an additional $ 34,000 Speed ​​up transactions and prevent anyone from snapping forward.Boring apes at that time Immediately listed for $ 248,000.. The transaction seems to have been done by the bot. To take advantage of these exact situations, bots can be coded to buy NFTs listed under a specific price on behalf of the owner immediately.

“What’s wrong? I think it’s a lack of concentration,” Max told me. “I was listing a lot of items every day and wasn’t paying proper attention. I got an error as soon as my finger clicked the mouse, but the bot sent a transaction over 8eth. [$34,000] The gas charges were so high that they were tapped immediately before clicking Cancel, so that $ 250,000 was gone. “

Fat finger transactions occur sporadically in traditional finance-like Japanese trader who bought almost 57% of Toyota stock In 2014-But most financial institutions will stop these transactions if warned quickly enough.Since then Cryptocurrency NFTs are designed to be decentralized, so you basically have to rely on the buyer’s credit to cancel a transaction.

Fat finger errors in cryptocurrency trading have made many headlines over the last few years. In 2019, the company behind Tether, a cryptocurrency fixed to the US dollar, is that I accidentally created a new coin worth $ 5 billion. In March, BlockFi intended to send 700 Gemini dollars to a series of customers. This is worth about $ 1 each, Instead, I accidentally sent millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin..Last month, the company mistakenly Paid $ 24 million With a transaction of $ 100,000.

Similar incidents are becoming more common in NFTs, and many collections have accumulated in market value over the past year. Last month, someone tried to sell the CryptoPunk NFT for $ 19 million, Instead, I accidentally listed it for $ 19,000.. In August, someone’s fat finger listed their boring apes for $ 26,000. This is an error that someone else immediately used. The original owner offered the buyer $ 50,000 to return the boring ape, but instead the opportunist buyer sold it at the market price of $ 150,000 at the time.

“The industry is so new, whether it’s your fault or the technician, bad things will happen,” Max said. “If you lose control of the results, forget about it and move on.”

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