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‘BNB Chain Has Grown Massively in the Past Year’

Fresh off its first birthday celebration, NFT marketplace aggregator Rareboard is bullish on its BNB chain. Below are comments from growth lead Luke Rare.

Rare Board Account for Significant NFT Volume on BNB Chain

Growth lead for the project at Rareboard’s recent “Birthday Mega Contest” to mark the first year of the NFT Marketplace Aggregator Luke Rea said they were very bullish Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on a BNB chain.

“BNB chain NFTs grew 600% quarter on quarter from Q1 to Q2 and this year. Messari Rareboard accounts for 1/5th of that volume through aggregation and Launchpad,” said Rare. BSC News.

He feels the chain’s growth is coming from different places. One of which is his PancakeSquad collection from his PancakeSwap that gave rise to Rareboard.

Rare says Squaddies NFT alone accounts for a volume of over 150,000 BNB (about $200 million), outstripping all other projects. The recent volume increase comes as PancakeSwap added a private sale quota to his IFO for Squaddie holders.

Apart from that, other impressive collections brought their own innovations. PixelSweeper, for example, has swept over 200 of his Squaddies and had over $3 million in volume, Rare said.

There’s also the success of Moonpets’ dynamic NFTs and Goodfellas group’s Mint Pass. Rareboard has also been added to his MVB5 accelerator and received a grant to become a core NFT aggregator for the BNB chain.

Rareboard will most likely focus the grant on building non-revenue-generating features, such as analytics.

of rare board birthday mega contest It ended on October 11th, with one lucky winner taking home nearly 9 BNB (approximately $2,500) worth of NFTs. The competition featured his NFT collection of 40. BSC News NFT.

Rare boards are:

Rareboard is an NFT marketplace aggregator and rarity dashboard built for projects stored on BNBChain. It also provides a platform where users can bid, buy and approve her NFTs from multiple marketplaces at no additional charge.

Rare board locations:
website | | twitter | | telegram | | discord

What is Pancake Swap:

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the BNB chain. It offers users various features such as liquidity pools, swapping, yield farming, syrup pools, etc. auto market makerInitial Farm Offering (IFO), NFTs profile system, and many others.

Additionally, the protocol helps users get the most out of their crypto assets by trading, earning from yield farming, winning with lotteries, predictions, and NFT collectibles. With the highest trading volume on the market, PancakeSwap is the leading DEX for the BNB chain.

Pancake Swap Locations:

website | | twitter | | Moderate | | GitHdub

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