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Blockasset Pushes the Limits of NFTs and Fan Tokens, Empowers Sports – Sponsored Bitcoin News

To November 4th, One of Times Square’s countdown screens was illuminated with artwork depicting five iconic sports heroes, Alexander Ovechkin and Muhammad Ali. The “LeGENds” NFT Drop was hosted by Blockasset. This is a Solana-based sports platform aimed at providing better engagement models for athletes and their fans by pushing the boundaries of NFTs and fan tokens.

Each NFT was brilliantly drawn by world-renowned artist Dosbrak and dedicated to one of five sports icons: Alexander Ovechkin (hockey), Wayne Rooney (soccer), Muhammad Ali (boxing), Mike Bisping. (UFC), Jonah Lomu (rugby). In less than nine minutes, all items in the 10,000 generative art collection were sold out, with sales of $ 5 million.

Thus, this drop set a new sales record for Solana, not the first of Blockasset. Earlier this year, Italian football captain Giorgio Chiellini partnered with the platform to launch his “Gladiator” NFT collection, successfully breaking the ecosystem record of the time.

Explore new ways of engagement

Sports are interactive in nature. However, many restrictions imposed by COVID-19 have led athletes to find that their interaction with their followers is restricted. Blockasset’s goal is to define what the future of the athlete-fan relationship will be and open up new channels for quality interaction in the post-pandemic space.

Blockasset NFT and fan token owners have unique features such as closed fan club membership, athlete AMA, face-to-face meet and greet, monthly draws, exclusive videos and merchandise, and opportunities to influence athlete decisions. You can access it. more. The native token, $ BLOCK, will evolve further by providing more ways to profit from the platform. From direct benefits of staking, farming and market discounts to monthly NFT drops and access to exclusive events, to boosting your NFT list. , And governance.

Launchpad and the community are just two components of the Blockasset ecosystem and will grow in the future. In the short term, Blockasset aims to launch an internal NFT marketplace where users can trade sports-only items, set up diverse collections and interact with each other.

In the second quarter of 2022, the platform will announce the first Play-to-Earn title, also utilizing the $ BLOCK token. The diverse missions and challenges are expected to attract more users to the platform, attracted by the vibrancy of the community and the competitiveness of esports.

Bringing the branded NFT collection to market

The world of sports clubs and brands is very competitive. Another compelling feature of the Blockasset platform is to allow all players in this sector, whether enterprises or individuals, to set up their own fully branded NFT collection. Embedded in the broader story of the Blockasset platform, they’ll be home soon, just as DeFi, P2E, and L2 solutions are winning from the configurable nature of blockchain systems. can do.

This opportunity will enable more industry participants to leverage NFTs as a new revenue stream in changing economic conditions and as a way to join the community and attract new followers. With a quality audience of enthusiastic sports fans around the world, Blockasset will be empowered with its unique suggestions.

Sport has always been about honest effort and fair fighting. Thus, it is powerful to see how decentralization regains power to the people in the field in the morning and evening, in the rain and snow. With a large and enthusiastic community, well-thought-out tokenomics, low rates, fast transaction processing, and the right features of decentralization provided by Solana’s blockchain solution, Blockasset stands out as a rugged starter.

For more information on Blockasset, please visit: Website & Social media channels.

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