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Bitfinex hack: US authorities arrest a New York couple and seize $3.6 billion in stolen cryptocurrency

Ilya Liechtenstein (34 years old) and his wife Heather Morgan (31 years old) Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex In 2016.
Arrests and foreclosures represent a victory for US law enforcement agencies amid a flood of robbers from cryptocurrency platforms.In recent years, hackers have Hundreds of millions of dollars Sometimes with an attack on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Liechtenstein and Morgan have been charged with a plot of money laundering with up to 20 years in prison and a plot to deceive the United States with up to 5 years in prison, according to law enforcement officials. I couldn’t immediately ask the couple’s lawyer for comment.

The ministry did not announce allegations of actual Bitfinex hacking, and justice ministry officials declined further comments, citing ongoing investigations.

As the damage of ransomware and other hacks spreads to the economy, law enforcement agencies aim to more aggressively track and seize cryptocurrencies commonly used by criminal hackers.Last year U.S. officials Recovered $ 2.3 million of the $ 4.4 million ransom paid by the Colonial Pipeline to Russian-speaking gangsters.

“This shows that law enforcement agencies can usually associate criminal activity with individuals, even when advanced money laundering technology is used, with indelible blockchain records,” cryptocurrency. Tom Robinson, co-founder of analysis firm Elliptic, told CNN.


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