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Bios World Emerges as an NFT based Metaverse Platform where

Bios World introduces its worthy clients to the world’s first NFT-based metaverse platform focused on protecting biodiversity through blockchain. It establishes the technology to meet the current needs of the world.

Zurich, Switzerland, April 6, 2022 (NEWSCALL)- Bios World Is a team of brilliant spirits who want to do noble acts while preserving nature. Bios World is developing robust use cases such as NFT marketplaces and agricultural games to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity among people in the blockchain space.

As the user base of the Bios World platform grows, the need to maintain biodiversity will increase. Deforestation is no longer encouraged as the platform is here for a complete shutdown. It will lead to a more sustainable economic recovery and a harmonious life on earth.

Bios World offers a number of features, as shown below.

  • Leveraging the power of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, BiosWorld is here to take responsibility for the greatest demands of the century. Bios World aims to make a difference in the lives of millions of species and make a big difference to the environment, while at the same time enabling people to enjoy investments with high reputation potential.
  • Bios World offers an NFT ecosystem, Play-to-Earn games, and a crowdfunding platform to bring a whole new level of metaverse experience to community members. Revenues generated through these Bios World platforms will be partially donated to protect biodiversity. Therefore, the team works for a noble purpose!
  • BIOSW tokens, the next evolutionary meme token with the cause of crowdfunding to restore biodiversity, especially in the Amazonia region.

Bios World Respecting the global recognition of the importance of biodiversity for sustainable development in recent years, we intend to save it for the improvement of all lives through blockchain technology.

Bios World is the driving force that changes the lives of millions of people around the world. Potential clients and interested users need to visit the website for more information.

Media contacts

Company name: Bios World LLC
Email: info@biosworld.io
Person in charge: Tucano Green
Website: www.biosworld.io


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. We encourage you to practice due diligence (including consulting with a professional financial adviser before investing or trading securities or cryptocurrencies.


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