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BinaryX Unveils CyberArena – A New P2E Experience

Singapore, May 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)-The team recently shared an AMA summary. Medium page.. This session gave the general public the opportunity to learn more about Cyber ​​Arena and the team’s plans.

Get to know Cyber ​​Arena

CyberArena is an important addition to the BinaryX ecosystem. It’s a free game with a fair amount of prize money, so it’s a major driver of traffic to Binary X. Traffic to the project will be converted into revenue through future early game offerings (IGOs) and other platform offerings such as game development platforms. Revenues are used to maintain the winning pool and create a sustainable system.

Free game modes will always be available, but the team has also revealed the latest information AMA session Token and NFT owners will be able to experience additional utilities such as better prizes and more customized gameplay.

On the official launch date of May 16, 2022, Cyber ​​Arena participants will have the opportunity to receive 1000 BNX (the project’s native token) as a welcome bonus after the first month.

The rules of the game are as simple as they come. To start the game, each side gets the same number of resource points. At this point, players draw cards from their decks to create their own battle lineup. There will be numerous heroes, each with their own unique abilities. You need more resources to play more powerful cards. The side that wins each battle gets 5 victory points, and the side that loses each battle loses 3 points.Each week, players are ranked on the leaderboard and rewarded by the prize pool

BinaryX expects the ability to attract a large number of new players to this free-to-play game and is focused on gathering and growing the best and largest gaming community to support the next IGO platform. It’s the perfect platform for aspiring game developers to launch and publish their most creative ideas.

IGO platform

The team not only develops more games for players, but also White paper The plan is to enable more game developers through technologies and services such as dedicated sidechains, gamefi asset platforms and IGO platforms.

The team is currently focused on getting the most out of the IGO platform. The platform acts as an incubator for aspiring game developers to design, build and launch their dream GameFi projects.

The IGO team is currently recruiting to invest in some of the most creative and unique game ideas and looks forward to supporting game developers interested in launching their own GameFi project.

Trading BNX tokens

BinaryX’s governance token, $ BNX, acts as a medium of exchange for the platform. $ BNX tokens are required for many gaming features and platform services such as hero recruitment and marketplaces. In addition, all $ BNX holders can participate in the Project DAO, vote on important issues and participate in the growth of the project.

As of June 2022, $ BNX BNB chain By the token holder and by the Metaverse project, which is the fourth traded volume. $ BNX is also listed on Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXc Global, Bitrue, Pancakeswap and more.

About Binary X

BinaryX is the company behind the Play-to-Earn game Cyber ​​Dragon and the newly released Cyber ​​Arena. Both games run on the BNB chain.

When BinaryX was first launched, it emerged as a decentralized derivative trading system. However, this project has pivoted and evolved to provide better service to the growing market for decentralized video games. Over a year ago, BinaryX launched a metaverse game named Cyber ​​Dragon. Cyber ​​Dragon is a dual token fantasy RPG game. Players will recruit heroes from the Cyber ​​Series NFT in $ BNX, Battle Dungeon and Tournaments to earn $ GOLD.

If you would like to stay in touch with this new project, please visit the BinaryX website. In addition, the team shared the following social media pages to provide an opportunity to join a vibrant community.

twitter | telegram | Moderate | discord..

For more information and information on BinaryX, see pls. www.binaryx.pro

For interests / inquiries about IGO investment, pls email business@binaryx.pro

For press / media / partnership / business inquiries, pls email marketing@binaryx.pro

The team recently shared an AMA summary Medium page.. This session gave the general public the opportunity to learn more about Cyber ​​Arena and the team’s plans.



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