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Binance’s first-ever launchpad token is taking shape, and why are we more bullish than ever?

GiftA blockchain-based web3 gifting platform mega expansion plan, introduce new tokens and expand its offering with new products. The project is also actively partnering with various top-tier blockchain projects and has secured funding from multiple venture capital firms.

Gifto’s original token, GTO, has been listed on Binance since late 2017, becoming the first launchpad for a major cryptocurrency exchange. The project has always been a hub for blockchain giveaways through Web3, and in 2022 began a revamp, adding new storage and monetization options and adding a new logo chosen by the community. Future launches of the new website will reflect the updated branding and imagery.

Token swap from GTO to GFT

Gifto’s 2023 roadmap includes a live GTO to GFT token swap. GFT will launch on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), streamlining the previous dual token structure with a 1:1 ratio swap. The total circulation of GFT remains unchanged at 1 billion tokens. His GTO holders on exchanges such as Binance and OKX are supported by exchanges. Other his GTO holders can manually swap via the GTO to GFT Token Swap portal. [] Follow the instructions provided on the site.

Staking and philanthropy

The launch of GFT will introduce an annual inflation rate of 2% over the next four years, with 1.5% allocated for staking rewards and 0.5% donated to charity through Binance Charity. His APY for staking rewards depends on the size of the Gifto staking pool. GFT is one of the few Binance listed tokens supporting philanthropic initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and increasing access to education.

Gifto’s Web3 Wallet & Gifto Store

Gifto’s 2023 roadmap includes the launch of a new Web3 wallet on the BNB smart chain. User can store GFT, NFT and other his BNB chain tokens. Gain access to GFT staking, yield farming, a red packet system for gift giving, and much more. Support for special occasion gift card events. In addition to earning GFT tokens, Gifto will also announce the Gifto Store, a marketplace where his content creators and fans can retail their art and other creations. Potential future products are metaverse gifting, a red packet system for Twitter, a Telegram bot for multitasking earnings, and a batch distribution system for NFT gifting. Gifto’s purpose is to provide a multi-functional platform for users to give blockchain gifts.

Investments, partnerships, etc.

Gifto is actively seeking partnerships and investments with reputable projects and media companies such as Autofarm, Measurable Data Token, Poolz and WOM.

Gifto continues to expand its advisor team with the addition of Poolz CEO and co-founder Guy Oren. He joins an already impressive roster of advisors, including HE Justin Sun, Loi Luu, Bo Shen, Hitters Xu, Danny Yang, Tom Duterme and Dr. Jin Ho Hur, who have advised Gifto since 2017.

Additionally, Gifto continually participates in AMAs to drive Gifto’s future plans.

Gifto has also secured funding from various projects, including a $1 million cross-investment with Autofarm, and other venture capital firms have joined Gifto.

Learn more about Gifto’s plans for 2023 here. When

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