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Binance integrates Opensea NFTs into its marketplace

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance merges high seas Bring NFTs to that market.The crypto exchange announced the development on Wednesday’s blog Position on that handle. According to Binance, the integration was revealed as part of the first phase of the marketplace upgrade.

According to Binance, the Opensea NFT integration will allow users to explore non-fungible tokens from multiple blockchains and marketplaces. He also announced that the upgraded marketplace will now include the majority of his NFT collection of Opensea’s top 200 that use the ERC-721 standard. Additionally, Binance says the integration is an exciting milestone for the market as it aims to become the go-to platform for NFTs.

Binance, on the other hand, NFTs The marketplace is looking to integrate more marketplaces and chains. We also aim to expand our offering of digital assets. The marketplace now also incorporates upgraded metrics and data visualizations in NFT collections and individual NFT pages to enhance pricing analysis.

Notably, Binance NFT has also integrated data from the Opensea marketplace into its stats page leaderboards. In addition, it incorporates his UI and UX optimizations for various features such as homepage, marketplace main menu, etc.

Binance stands tall despite the bear market

Despite the ongoing bear market, Binance and its subsidiaries have worked tirelessly to expand and improve the services they offer. Just today, Binance Fan Token launched the “Football Fever 2022 Project”. The project was reportedly carried out to commemorate the impending World Cup in Qatar. It’s worth noting that the new online challenge gives fans the chance to win rewards worth $1 million. To participate, fans must register and predict the results of upcoming World Cup matches.

Lisa He, Head of NFTs and Fan Tokens at Binance, said fans around the world are tuning in to watch this historic tournament. He said he was excited about the exchange to mark a historic tournament with the project. Players will also have the chance to win incredible prizes, totally unique experiences, and collectible NFTs.”

Also on Tuesday, the exchange announced the launch of the NFT collection in collaboration with football star Cristiano Ronaldo. Recall that Binance signed a multi-year partnership with the football star back in June to boost adoption of NFTs. Now, the exchange says it will debut the collection on its marketplace next Friday.

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