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Billboard Partners With UMG For Curated NFT Collection

(CelebrityAccess) — Music brand Billboard is working with Universal Music Group to launch Chart Stars, a non-fungible token (NFT) -based project for carefully selected digital collections.

Chartstars leverages the iconic Billboard charts to reach the top 25, or other chart-related items such as length of time on the chart, number of songs on the chart at the same time, past chart records, etc. Develop a successful NFT. Milestone.

The NFT collection includes officially licensed art and creatives, including short visual clips such as music videos and album photos. Similarly, collection and gamification, including collector leaderboards, and challenges will be built into the platform, and NFTs will also include features such as special access at Billboard Drive events.

The first ChartStars product, expected to be available for purchase in May, will take advantage of FlowBlockchain, which is positioned as more environmentally friendly than other blockchain technologies and will be co-developed with Unblocked.

Backed by Dapper Labs, the company behind the NBA Topshot, Unblocked recently announced a seed round of funding led by Tiger Global.

Julian Holgin, President of Billboard, said: “These digital goods celebrate and commemorate the achievements of visually stunning creative and special charts. Fans compete for real prizes and add a layer of authentic gamification throughout the platform. We couldn’t find a better launch partner than UMG, who loves boards and puts artists and fans at the center of all their activities. “

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