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Bill Murray to Launch NFTs Based on His Real Life Stories – The Hollywood Reporter

Bill Murray Finally, we’re ready to talk about all those “Bill Murray stories.”

But in standard Bill Murray’s way, he doesn’t intend to reveal his past and thoughts in the traditional way.

Mysterious loved one Caddyshack When Ghost Busters The actor will enter the NFT space in partnership with viral photo site and streaming company The Chive with a series of blockchain merchandise that tells a validated Murray story.

Each official Bill Murray NFT 1000 token comes with Murray’s unique graphics and a brief anecdotal text about the actor that he personally revealed to the company or confirmed from previously published material. I am.

As John Resig, co-founder of Chive Media Group Tell it: “I heard Bill’s thoughts about the swirling of all of Bill Murray’s stories. Bill gave a surprisingly straightforward answer. Bill leaned against his mischievous sparkle. Better story. “I asked Billy why he didn’t decide to talk to them to fill in the missing parts of the myth. “The timing is never right and there is no way to tell a story. I don’t want to shoot documentaries or write autobiographies. Social media is for birds. Still, how much I like the fresh eggs that lay every day. I want most people to understand it. “(The last bit is a reference to one of the Murray stories in the collection).

A Sample Bill Murray story posted on Tuesday It was about Murray’s phone: “It’s like an 8-year-old BlackBerry Classic. He’s nicknamed the relic,” Bill Urie “why? The “M” key does not work. If you received the text from Bill in the last 5 years, the M will be omitted. Given that Bill prefers text messages to speaking, that’s a lack of many Ms. (The image below is No NFT).

Bill Murray
Courtesy of Sterling Ball

Each token isn’t just a celebrity image, it also contains a story with one of Hollywood’s most secret icons, so this project represents a potentially savvy entry into the crowded NFT marketplace.

Hollywood Reporter We visited the Chives office on Wednesday and peaked at some of the ongoing Murray NFTs. In addition to recording some of the encounters with his fans and fellow celebrities, the story is from professional topics (such as discussing the roles he turned down) to philosophical Malayism, his unusual entertainment and It even became a habit. Together, they form an impressive summary of celebrities that have always been difficult to define and identify accurately. Some of the actor’s most published stories, however, remain unaddressed to preserve the mysterious air.

Murray’s unique way of running has, well, grown into a Hollywood legend in all the world. 2018 documentary, Bill Murray’s Story: A Life Lesson Learned from a Mythical Man (Murray did not participate) I tried to capture some of the anecdotes surrounding the actor. Some of the Murray NFTs offer versions of the story of the actors in the movie.

More details on the NFT and its accompanying stories, including images of NFT heroes by artist David Grizzle, will be released in the coming weeks. Resig says revenue The first tokens to be auctioned will be sent entirely to charity, and its official Bill Murray NFT 1000 will be one of the first projects to debut at Coinbase’s next NFT Marketplace. Murray was represented by David Nochimson in this deal.

Chives was launched in 2008 as a photo blog that loves the atmosphere of Fratanity’s home and the mischief of the media. Over the years, it has driven the fan community towards philanthropy and has become known on ChiveTV, a popular direct streaming channel for businesses.The company has been affiliated for a long time Murray, including sponsors of the annual Charity Golf Tournament with Actors (Murray Brothers Caddy Sack Charity Golf Tournament). 2019, The Chives Launched a streaming platform67 channels of Atmosphere including Chive TV.

Last year, TheChive launched a blockchain technology company. Project Benkman (Malay’s iconic play Ghost Busters Character), this is the seed for the NFT project and has raised $ 4.6 million in seed funding. Murray also participates as a partner of the company.

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