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Big Short Against Tether, CBDC Giweaway, New NFT Collections + More News

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Investigate the stories flying under the radar of today’s crypto news and get a daily bite-sized digest of crypto assets and blockchain related news.


Investment news

  • Fir tree capital managementUS $ 4 billion hedge fund has built a way to short the most popular stablecoin Tether (USDT) Asymmetric trading means less downside risk and more likely to make money, Bloomberg report, Quote company client. Fir Tree predicts that about US $ 24 billion in Tether’s high-yielding commercial paper could lose value due to problems in China’s real estate sector, so a short bet could bring a payday within 12 months. I’m sure there is.
  • Alan Chan, Chief Revenue Officer of a Financial Company RevolutIs leaving this position for a new crypto venture and is aiming to raise US $ 100 million, Bloomberg report, Quote people who are familiar with the problem. According to the report, he has already invested millions of dollars in new ventures.
  • venture capital Bessemer Venture Partner announcement We are devoting US $ 250 million to cryptocurrencies and “entrepreneurs who support a decentralized future.” The company focuses on three core areas: Consumer Cryptography, Web3 Infrastructure, and DeFi..
  • Decentralized platform for trading permanent futures Hubble Exchange Raised US $ 3.3 million in strategic partnership led by DeFi investment adviser Framework venture.. They added that the funds from the funding will be used to expand the engineering team to continue developing the protocol prior to the launch of the mainnet in April.
  • America Ministry of Labor (DOL) caveat Companies that market their investment in crypto assets into a 401 (k) plan as a potential investment option for plan participants to pay close attention before considering adding crypto options. They say that the trustee must act only for the financial benefit of the plan participants, and those who violate those obligations are personally responsible for the loss of the plan due to the breach. I add.

Regulatory news

  • US Senators Bill Cassidy and Marsha Blackburn Introduced “Say no to the Silk Road Act” sets new regulations and guidelines for crackdown Chinese Communist Partyof Digital source.. They claim that digital currencies are being used to collect personal data of users and avoid sanctions, suggesting that relevant authorities warn against the use of currencies and propose trade enforcement measures. To do.
  • England Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) caveat Cryptographic ATMs must be registered with them and comply with UK money laundering regulations, but previously registered companies are not authorized to provide crypto ATM services. The FCA said it would contact the existing crypto ATM operators in the country and instruct them to shut down the machine or face further action.
  • The Bank of Israel Release A draft circulation dealing with the management of money laundering prevention and the fight against terrorist risk financing in crypto asset settlement services. Bankers added that they need to clarify the source of the funds used to buy cryptocurrencies and the route from the time of purchase to the conversion of cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies.


  • Jamaica schedule Offering JMD 2,500 (USD 16) free funding to the first 100,000 citizens using the upcoming Jam-Dex Central Bank digital currencyCBDC). Finance Minister Nigel Clark said the nationwide rollout of the CBDC is scheduled for the beginning of the April-June quarter.

NFT News

  • fashion brand diesel announcement Launch of so-called D: VERSE, new NFT A unique NFT edition of runway exhibits, and a collection that includes physical (and limited) clothing, sneakers, and accessories. It also has a D: VERSE-KEY. This is a token that gives you discounted NFT presales, raffle, free airdrops, and additional exclusivity. Metaverse Wearables, and news about new projects.
  • Playing card maker Cartamundi Group And the entertainment giant Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC that is Start-up DC hybrid trading card by Hro. This will allow fans to unlock the DC Multiverse and collect, exchange and buy the first ever DC-based hybrid NFT trading cards featuring DC superheroes and villains. The card will hit shelves and digital wallets in March 2022, with additional limited edition content planned for year-round.

Exchange news

  • FTX.US DerivativesDerivatives trading department of crypto exchange FTX.US, Asked America Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Allows trading platforms to directly clear derivative trading with margins for their clients. Their current derivative clearing house license requires that the derivative’s position be fully secured through an intermediary, but this change will allow the derivative’s risk to be “transparently evaluated and mitigated in real time.” ..

DeFi News

  • Decentralized multi-chain liquidity enabler Symbiotic financeSponsorship, Binance Labs, Amber group, more, announcement Ready to launch Beta Mainnet. The project supports four decentralized exchanges at launch. Uniswap, Pancake Swap, PangolinWhen QuickSwapNeed to follow further.

Adoption news

  • Princeton University teeth Start-up A blockchain initiative that brings together scholars across disciplines to better understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of technology. The initiative received initial funding from four graduates who claim to be leaders in technology, investment and blockchain.

Legal news

  • America Ministry of Justice (DOJ) announcement Canadian law enforcement officers seized about US $ 28 million Bitcoin (BTC) From Canadian man Sebastien Vachon-Desjardins handed over from Canada to the United States in an indictment accusing him of participating in NetWalker ransomware.

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