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Bid for BLUR ⏩ – by William M. Peaster

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Dear country without banks

Blur, a new NFT marketplace aggregator, has been driving significant transaction volume in recent months.

A big part of this rise is the anticipation of Blur’s upcoming $BLUR token, which will be airdropped to users of the platform.

catch? This dating airdrop campaign has him tracked through three phases, with each phase emphasizing rewarding specific activities. In the final stages of progress, bid is the focus.

Originally scheduled for later this month, the $BLUR Airdrop is now scheduled to start on February 14th. So, in case you haven’t tried Blur bidding yet and want to narrow your bids now and before the deadline, let’s cover the basics of Blur bidding.


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Blur, the “NFT marketplace for professional traders,” focuses on speed and UX.

However, another major factor in the project’s surge in market share was the announcement of protocol governance and the upcoming airdrop of the $BLUR token. October 2022.

The orange bar above represents Blur’s daily trading volume stats, which are currently close to matching OpenSea. @sealaunch in the dunes

Blur’s airdrop is calculated in three stages: airdrop 1, airdrop 2, and airdrop 3. During these tiers, you can earn mixed-rarity Care Packages, which can be redeemed for $BLUR after the tokens are activated.

Phase 1 will reward those who actively trade NFTs in the six months prior to Blur’s October 2022 launch with a care package, and Phase 2 will sell NFTs on Blur by November 2022. Rewards were given to traders who listed for

$BLUR Care Package Ranking by Rarity

the last stage, airdrop 3distributes up to 2x more care packages than Airdrop 2 and aggregates reward points according to bidding activity across users’ collections on Blur through February 14th.

Here are some more things to remember 24 hour volume The more collections you have, the more blur rewards will be given to airdrop 3 bidders. So the collection itself isn’t out of scope, but if you want to make your bids more efficient and strategic, at least target NFT projects that are doing a decent amount. that day.

Blurs collection pageyou can sort projects by price, volume, etc.

moreover, closer The more airdrop points a bidder receives when a bid is placed against the current lowest price in the collection. For example, consider the XTOADZ project. That floor is now just over Ξ0.04.

XTOADZ Collection Page

As you can see in the image above, the current maximum bid for the entire collection is £0.02. Blur can only bid in Ξ0.01 intervals, so a higher bid of Ξ0.03 or Ξ0.04 will earn more points towards Airdrop 3 than someone who bids in Ξ0.02. etc.

It’s also important to note here that a bid doesn’t have to actually be accepted in order to score points towards Airdrop 3. By removing volume from the equation, wash traders are prevented from inflating their points with large amounts of arbitrary trading.

It all sounds easy, right?

Now let’s take a closer look at Blur’s Bidding Pool system. This is what you actually do if you want to start bidding on your collection. Once you’ve signed into Blur with your desired wallet, you can click the wallet icon next to your account name. This will bring up the Bid Pool UI like this:

Bid pool deposit/withdrawal UI

You can buy NFTs listed or aggregated in Blur, directly To bid on collections with ETH in your wallet, you must deposit ETH to Blur’s bid pool address.

After the first deposit transaction to the bid pool, the system allows you to bid without gas, so you don’t have to pay ETH transaction fees every time you place a bid.

According to the company, Blur’s Bidding Pool smart contract has $30 million worth of ETH deposited. Defilama

That said, the deposit process here is straightforward. Add Funds to Pool Enter the amount of ETH to deposit in the tab and press add to poolto complete the transaction in your wallet.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to start bidding on your pool balance. You can always check your pool balance in your wallet dashboard.

“Available Funds” UI

At this point, it’s up to you to decide which collection to bid on. Scroll through the pages of Blur’s main collection until you find something you like, or use the search bar to go directly to the project you’re interested in.

On the dashboard for a specific project, click bid Click the button to see how many active bids are on your collection and place the desired bid Place a bid on the collection button.

Allstarz Bid Dashboard

For example, as you can see in the screenshot above for Allstarz, the current top bid in the collection is 0.01 (143 bids, 1.43 deep), but the current floor price is 0.0267. To get Airdrop 3 points more efficiently, lowering the bid by 0.02 yen works well.

Place a bid for a new collection

press to exit place a bid Sign the gasless authorization transaction that your wallet will prompt you for. Once that’s done, your bid will be activated as follows:

You can see your activity on the main bidding dashboard for your collection

That’s what it takes to bid on Blur. Remember that people can and often do fulfill these orders. So only bid on projects you like and bid with the ETH you can afford.

Of course, don’t try to spam as many bids as possible between now and February 14th. Just use Blur regularly, place the right bids on projects you’ve been interested in, and when the time comes, you’ll have a $BLUR care package.

Finally, you may be wondering what Blur’s “loyalty” score means. Remember we mentioned earlier about the possible different rarities of Care Packages? The rarest Legendary Packages contain the most $BLUR, and the higher your Loyalty Score, the more these packages will be. and other rare packages.

Blur loyalty, purple when capped

Specifically, loyalty points are calculated depending on how the NFT is listed.

“If you list on other marketplaces, as long as you list at the same price or lower on Blur, your loyalty score will not be affected,” the Blur team previously explained. “You can list all your marketplaces at once with Blur’s advanced listing tools.”

Therefore, the loyalty score is get off If you list an NFT on Blur at a higher price than other marketplaces (e.g. £0.05 on Blur, £0.025 on OpenSea).

Conversely, your loyalty score is Go up If you list only on Blur, or if you list NFTs on Blur at a lower price than other marketplaces (e.g. £0.05 on Blur, £0.075 on OpenSea). Keep this loyalty system in mind if you’re interested in optimizing for the rarest care packages possible while Airdrop 3 tracking is still active.

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