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BIB Meta Now allows Users to own Superstar NFTs

The excitement around the NFT ecosystem has always subsided as most NFT marketplaces have seen transaction volumes drop by over 90%. Yet other use cases such as NFT ticketing and gaming are neglected. BIB Meta is a company exploring other use cases for his NFTs through sports.

BIB Meta announced to users the opportunity to win safelist spots for a huge number of superstar NFTs, and got people talking. This ecosystem includes Defi, NFTs, GameFi, and many others that can showcase and support NFT sales, trading, match predictions, NFT collections, community nodes, virtual sports games, and more.

They are the first platform to introduce their collaboration with the World Cup to mint A series of NFTs To remember what happened on the pitch. The plan is to create a pack of 160 of his handpicked football player trading cards for each of the 32 teams. These NFTs will be rated with these stars based on their ratings and users will be able to purchase them at the BIB-sponsored general sale in November.

These sets of trading cards are called Superstar NFTs. BIB Meta Superstar NFT is a collection derived from the Qatar World Cup 2022 and consists of 24010 NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). While providing collectible value for World Cup fans, it’s powered by the formation of the entire Web3 ecosystem. Endless possibilities allow users to become more immersed in some ways by immersing themselves in her BIB meta. The BIB Meta Superstar is conceived and crafted by a world renowned designer with World Cup elements where every his NFT is a unique work of art. Join BIB Meta and embark on an exciting and thrilling World Cup journey with BIB Meta Superstars.

For pre-sale, BIB Meta previously white list (database of wallet addresses that receive early access to NFT collections prior to public release) activity allows access to Superstar NFTs before the rest of the market gets their keys, giving you a spot with much lower transaction fees You can get

BIB meta also started ONLINE ONLY AUCTION ACTIVITIES This gives users around the world the chance to be the first to experience four exclusive 3-star Superstar NFTs. Around this time his one of his BIB Meta Superstar NFT featuring Joshua Kimmich earned his 4.1k BUSD. All you need to know is that a user who skates his NFT with 3 or 4 stars and self-delegates a certain amount of his BIB tokens to a node can use his NFT credentials to represent ownership. It’s just that you can use it to form community nodes and earn BIB meta dividends.

Previously, BIB Meta opened a limited whitelist spot for these superstar NFTs. This was because BIB Meta only offered 3,000 of his NFT whitelist spots for action and was the first way to achieve points on a first-come, first-served basis. If the user has not reached the limit to win the area, whoever completes the task the fastest wins the spot.

Future purchasers should be cautious about investing in BIB Meta Sport NFTs according to the roadmap they provided. They can expect more from the platform. The future value of owning a BIB Metasport NFT is immense. Especially for this upcoming World Cup event, having a Superstar NFT Whitelist is essential and immense.

So getting your hands on an NFT first becomes a non-negotiable opportunity. buy before the deadline.

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