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Ben Baller Did The BlockChain NFT Project Enters Phase 2

When NFT It’s a pandemic, so I’ve seen a lot of interesting stories related to NFTs. Surgeon of shoes To Steve Aoki Participated in the game as a CryptoPunk wrapper Make 6 numbers In 60 seconds Peanut butter jelly time meme Participate in trends.Recently, 2Pac Estate Released NFT collection Based on the icon jewelry collection, but legendary Ben Barrer Sold out within 5 minutes of the first drop and took it one step further with Ben Baller Did The Block Chain, a fusion of jewelery passion and the world of NFTs.

“This project is a collaboration between Baller and Notables, a highly curated NFT ecosystem,” the press release said. “Combining the real-world IP of a renowned jeweler with a fully on-chain, gamed NFT experience. Buyers will be guided through the process of creating a series of NFTs in their collection. , It becomes more and more rare and valuable as it is combined. ”Baller is familiar with cryptocurrencies, explaining at the time: “There is no doubt that blockchain technology is changing the world. It is of utmost importance to me to stay true to my style and provide people with the best possible experience, and these first on-chain chains. We are proud to innovate with. “

Image via Benvaler did BlockChain

What we have learned since then is that Ben Barrer is gradually dropping the blockchain. All 6000 BlockChains were created in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project was announced this week. “Now the real fun begins,” their statement says. “Phase 2 started on Tuesday and cast gems through the ERC-20 token $ BallerBars. A total of 5000 gems will be cast. In Phase 3, players will burn 10 gems together and Baller Chain. BallerChains will provide incredible usefulness and access for future Ben BallerNFT collaborations. ”People are already trying to get BallerChains, so if you haven’t joined yet, You may be confused.

BlockChain is now live in Phase 2 of Bemberer!

You need TEN to build a 1/500 baller chain, so save on baller bars and start collecting gems 💎

— Benvaler did BlockChain (@BensBlockChain) December 15, 2021

Those Baller Chains may be waves, TBH.

Bored ape Benvaler did BlockChain
Executed Image BlockChain via Benvaler

For more information and to participate in Phase 2, please visit the following URL: Benvaler Gems Page, And a happy casting.

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