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BeCryptoVIP Exclusive Club Only for Crypto Holders Launches on Kanga Exchange

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2022 / BeCryptoVIP will move from the IEO to Kanga Exchange on December 13th at 10am UTC.

Understanding BeCryptoVIP

Have you ever wanted to spend more with your crypto wallet? Engage in a secure earning mechanism, receive cash almost instantly without high transaction fees, pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies, and be discreet with your demands. How to have a personal secretary who handles both and effectively?

BeCryptoVIP is the world’s first NFT-based VIP club for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, thanks to innovative tools to save money on cryptocurrency exchange transactions and earn cryptocurrency. Based on the largest international network of physical crypto exchange points and being the operator of the Kanga Exchange, members of the club are offered unprecedented benefits.

  • Discounts on crypto trading on exchange points worldwide,
  • Dedicated PoS account to earn in the liquidity pool,
  • A personal assistant for all your travel, entertainment industry and daily life needs.

Born out of AirDance, BeCryptoVIP is centered around a global network of AirDance exchange points, creating NFT-based members-only clubs to drive crypto adoption and provide crypto enthusiasts with investments that can be purchased with crypto. or to provide access to special forms of services.

At the heart of this ecosystem is the $BE token and the NFT collection. This is the key to BeCryptoVIP Club’s privileged community, allowing you to use our innovative OTC system and tools worldwide without KYC and purchase goods and services offered by our partners.

How does an investment in a project work?

The native deflationary token $BE will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain with a total maximum supply of 99 999 990 million. The ICO price is $1. The $BE token is Through our website and Kanga Exchange.

The $BE token issuance will occur in 3 annual rounds within 10 years, with a rarity of 5%. This means that the $BE token price increases by 5% in each subsequent round.

The initial token supply for the first round is 3 333 333 $BE.

$BE tokens will be used to purchase NFT memberships in the BeCryptoVIP club and in the future to pay for additional services and products offered by the club.

95% of purchased $BE tokens will be permanently burned and 5% will be transferred to POS tools and used for profit sharing among $BE holders. All $BE holders, excluding NFT purchases, can also allocate them to his PoS tool dedicated to him and earn monthly with BeCryptoVIP transactions.

Therefore, BeCryptoVIP members and $BE holders can benefit as follows: 15-60% discount on exchange transactions within physical exchange points (see savings simulation here)

Provides liquidity to oPLN’s dedicated PoS based on the Kanga Exchange network, APY up to 40%, unlocked for members only

Each $BE holder will be able to see the calculated rewards daily after sending $BE to Kanga PoS. The reward payout period is 100 days at a rate of 1% per day.

  • What are your emissions?

The token sale will take place on two tracks, It will go on sale on the website and through the Kanga Exchange on December 13th. Kanga.Exchange will have 1999 999 tokens available for sale. As an opportunity for all Metamask wallet holders, the rest of the first round supply is available on the website.

  • Price per token: 1.00 $
  • Kanga.Exchange for token sale 1999 999
  • token sale Website 1 333 334
  • Hard cap: 1500000 $
  • minimum. Investment 100USDT
  • maximum. Investment amount 100000 USDT
  • Kanga IEO Date Dec 13, 2022 10:00 UTC Website Dec 13 10:00 UTC
  • Orders open: December 15, 2022 10:00 UTC
  • Bidding opens: December 16, 2022 10:00 UTC
  • Token Network: ETH ERC 20

For more information about BeCryptoVIP, please refer to the link below.

BeCryptoVIP Token Page:

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Email: [email protected]

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