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Bear Cartel: This Hot Upcoming Collections’ Utility Has the NFT Community Raving


On March 25th, the world of NFTs will be introduced to Bear Cartel NFT, the most daring and dedicated utility-based limited collection of bears that represents a variety of styles and personalities. “What is the utility?” You may ask. NFT owners stored on the Ethereum blockchain can bet bears every day to earn $ HONEY. As a result, each bear earns a passive income. Bear owners can use $ HONEY to make purchases (goods, giveaways, concert tickets, etc.) on the Bear Cartel dashboard.

In a recent interview, project manager and co-founder Brandon Gil described the outlook for the star-studded team: “We are a group of 6,666 different characters created on the Ethereum blockchain. We plan to become the fastest growing community in crypto space. Tickets to Passive Income Club Is a Bear Cartel NFT. You can earn $ HONEY by betting on these unique NFTs, which you can use to buy event tickets, merchandise, raffle tickets and more at our store. It’s also a currency that can be redeemed for profits. But that’s not all. “

The hype behind the Bear Cartel Launch and Charitable Donations

The general public can create an entire collection of 6,666 bear cartel NFTs. The staking feature will be implemented shortly after launch and all NFT holders can stake NFTs to generate $ HONEY. It can be used to purchase goods, event tickets, and exclusive Tesla gifts.

When asked about the project’s launch plans, Parm’s marketing director explained: We will also focus on advertising and collaboration to drive the growth of the project by forming relationships that help bears break into the NFT space. We are excited to offer prizes and airdrops to the community. You can expect us to give your clothes a unique twist with some special items. To maintain aesthetic consistency, our very popular artist “Bop” will design all our products. “

The project artist “Bop” creates a unique bear that will be the focus of his collection. With great revelation, these 66 unique NFTs will be released. This method attracts new investors, creates buzz and increases trading volume. Bears are randomly cast for all future holders. The artist has chosen to donate $ 25,000 to the Polar Bear Foundation to help polar bears, which are directly affected by the unusual melting of sea ice and the associated devastation of their habitats, as part of their collection.


The total supply of bears is limited to 6,666. Bearists, public auctions, and giveaways are all used to provide the public with a highly coveted and sought after NFT. Holders have the option to redeem NFTs for $ HONEY coins! Jonas, the project’s community manager, recently described the project’s release strategy and collection pricing: After 48-72 hours, general sale mining will begin at 0.11 ETH.Please continue to monitor the ping of #announcements Official discord This will be the first place, so we’re announcing the launch! “

Thousands of NFT fanatics are pursuing a limited whitelist position in the community discord, so the project gives simple instructions to community members and the level of discord with 10 invitations. When you reach 5, you get a pre-sale benefit! Since then, the moderators have confirmed that they are enthusiastic community members and attract the attention of developers by actively participating in all social media raids.

Bear Evolution: A Journey to the Metaverse

To realize the evolution of bears, the project artist “Bop” will create “Super honey” and drop it in the air to its owner. Your bear may want to try some of the sweet honey, but keep an eye on him. As a result, the bear’s personality may change!

Before collecting land and creating the entire ecosystem in the reality of the new cutting-edge Metaverse, Bear Cartel will make a spectacular arrival in the Metaverse through unique events in collaboration with businesses and other successful ventures.


With numerous green flags and one of the strongest online communities in the field, Bear Cartel has rapidly established itself as one of the most promising utility-based NFT projects to enter the open market this spring. I am. There is only one question left. How many bears do you want to cast?
Don’t miss the chance to secure a whitelist spot by March 25th by participating in the following discords and following the instructions. Time is running out!


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