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BDG #184: Top 10 Move to Earn Apps & Many Move to Earn News! –

What’s up, eGamers, it’s time for a weekly blockchain game digest. Every week, we share the most important NFT game news and other interesting facts.

  • This week we’ve covered a lot about new trends in the move to earn. See the article later in the article for more information.
  • The Myria Gaming Platform offers NFTs that can be billed free of charge to all new and existing members.This NFT offers owners some exclusive benefits, such as unlocking access to the game.
  • We also reviewed Infinity Skyes, a sandbox genre game that you can play and earn. This looks really exciting.

Start with the most popular games of the week, based on on-chain data. (The 7th)

Top 10 Moves to Earn Apps (Move2Earn) – Making Money Walking

BDG # 184: Top 10 moves to win apps and many moves to win news! Five

There is no doubt that the trend-setting move is the next big thing in the crypto industry. Move To Earn, or Walk To Earn, is growing exponentially and the project is looking to gain early market share in the upcoming epidemic. This list of top moves to win apps and games includes a selection of projects that promise to reward you with tokens, which are willing to exercise and stay healthy. Only if.

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Jim Jones XMigos decentralized with “We Set The Trends” video clip

Both rap stars Jim Jones and Migos are premiering a new NFT music video at Decentraland. This time, the video is released exclusively, so the wrapper is completely Web3. Decentraland Metaverse.

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The first NFT game on the Epic Games Store is Gala Games GRIT.

The first NFT game at Epic Games StoreGRIT
BDG # 184: Top 10 moves to win apps and many moves to win news! 6

During the Galaverse event in Malta, Gala Games announced that the Wild West Battle Royale game GRIT will be the first crypto and NFT title to participate in the Epic Games Store.

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How to make money with sweat coins

How to make money with sweat coins
BDG # 184: Top 10 moves to win apps and many moves to win news! 7

Sweatcoin is an app that pays cryptocurrencies when you “sweat” while walking. Why does it cost money to walk? Well, when you walk, you not only benefit yourself, but also the community because you stay healthy and healthy.

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How Nike Uses the Metaverse

How Nike Uses the Metaverse
BDG # 184: Top 10 moves to win apps and many moves to win news! 8

Learn how Nike can leverage Metaverse and Web3 to keep up with the new and exciting stuff.

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Infinity Sky Review – P2E sandbox game with NFT and SkyBlock tokens

Welcome friends! Today we’re visiting Infinity Skies, an upcoming P2E sandbox game that looks fun and fun. We’ve collected the most important aspects and created this Infinity Skyes Review so you can learn about the game without having to read a typical long white paper.

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Other news of the week:

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