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BasedHeads NFT took Opensea on a massive Mint Storm

base headAn NFT project by filmmakers, taking over Opensea.project by Base AFa content studio supported by Robert Schmidt alias huge, sold out within 24 hours. Learn how this 10,000 NFT project of his beat Bored Apes in his week to launch.

It’s a shame that the leading based head NFT has faded after mint. All the alpha was on my face. 0.21-0.23 ETH would be hard to do as many whales list picsart at that price. GL on everything.

What is the BasedHeads NFT project?

BasedHeads is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT avatars. Their story centers around a Supermassive-created universe called TrashLand. The people of the world are also called residents, and the dark and gritty world-building perfectly captures the essence of the dystopian degeneration of the future.This project is a hidden gem of the NFT space.

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BasedHeads launched a Discord on January 3rd, claiming it was a “one-way ticket to TrashLand.” On January 7, the project announced on his Twitter that he sold out within 24 hours of its launch. The tweet also expressed its gratitude for the support and promised to deliver an “epic ride” ahead.

The growing prestige of the web3 project also means that the team has responded to the enormous demand for their product. The project also announced on the same day that it would host a raffle to meet this demand. Finally, the project announced the reveal of his PFP earlier in the week, and NFT’s Twitter folks are buzzing to the max.

Details of the filmmaker’s project

Robert Schmidt is a film industry OG with over 20 years of experience. He is also responsible for growing The Defiant to become one of the most popular Web 3 channels. Just to clarify, the BasedHeads NFT project has his VC-funded runway.The project claims this will help move them in the direction of enabling “Govern the creation of metaverse-centric content.”

According to the project OpenSea, BasedHeads is “Metaverse Maniacs”Additionally, they claim that the project is Web3’s experiment in audience acquisition. We want to make being a SuperFan really fun, and even innovate in ways that make it a full-time job.

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