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Based Raises $3.5M to Build Micro-Networks Around NFTS

Seamlessly discover, share and discuss NFT content through native platforms

Based, a communications platform built around NFTs, today announced it has raised $3.5 million in pre-seed funding in anticipation of upcoming NFT releases. The round was led by the Progression Fund, a consumer fund focused on generational change. Other investors include crypto-focused angels and influencers including Hannah Grey, Collab+Currency, Palm Tree Crew, Franklin Templeton, GFR, and SolBigBrain.

Base allows users to easily view NFT content from their friends and community and share it between small token-gated groups and private chats. The vision of this platform is to use NFTs to change the way people build relationships in an increasingly digital world.

“NFTs are the most powerful membership technology ever created. But people don’t belong to just one club, they belong to 20.” Adam Lurie, Co-Founder of Based said: “The future of these clubs is moving from monolithic communities to smaller, tight-knit circles based on shared values ​​and what’s in your wallet. It’s built.”

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Starting with Solana, Based’s personalized feed makes it easy for users to see relevant NFT activity from their friends and groups, as well as relevant information from the NFT projects they follow. In doing so, the platform reduces her tens of millions of SOL transactions per day to dozens that users personally care about. User can easily share and discuss this content with friends and her NFT inner circle.

Progression Partner Marc Linao said: “We are excited about Based’s vision to be where new personal web3 networks are built.”

Base launches MKRS, a collection of custom-designed NFTs that segment owners into micro-communities and create opportunities for deeper engagement between users within their apps. By raising venture capital and building his own NFT community, Based joins a handful of web3 consumer apps developing new hybrid models. Based funding will fund core operations, so NFT earnings can be reused for her MKRS community. Doing so allows the company to simultaneously promote both world-class products and his NFT community.

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