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Baron Davis Announces ‘Black Santa’ Holiday Collection NFT –

Former NBA All-Star Baron Davis In partnership with NFT, we have released the Black Santa Holiday Collection NFT.

Davis created him Black santa A character after dressing as Santa Claus on Halloween. He is now using Black Santa’s platform to build a world of different characters and celebrate diversity through compelling content by telling contemporary stories that reflect cultural changes.

“My vision for Black Santa is to convey the importance of giving all year round, while giving children a magical world of unknown possibilities filled with fascination, adventure, and positive characters of color. “I did,” Davis said in a press release. “NFTs provide collectors and fans with a state-of-the-art technology-driven platform to extend the Black Santa experience. NFTs not only enable Black Santa collections, but also character You can truly capture honesty and soul. “

Since its founding in 2016, Black Santa has been an ongoing philanthropic act for a variety of purposes and organizations. This December plan includes the creation of a one-month winter wonderland activation that includes plans for charitable basketball games, wood lighting, block parties, and karaoke. A night with Jordin Sparks and a launch party for the NFT drop.

“What Baron is doing on this project is important and we are very much looking forward to helping Black Santa lead the NFT space,” said Executive Vice President and NFT Joconiers III Global. Head says. “They not only created a dynamic multimedia universe with so many great characters, but also [but] They have been very thoughtful and meticulous in supporting such empowering organizations. “

Davis donates a portion of the proceeds from the primary NFT sale to Los Angeles Urban LeagueLAUL was founded “to help African Americans and others in poorly serviced communities achieve true social equality, financial independence, power and civil rights.”

The collection will be released at Friday, December 17th. Learn more about Baron Davis’ Black Santa below.

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