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B2BinPay unveils redesigned website, updated pricing and more

B2BinPay, a cryptocurrency payment processing provider, charges fees, website, enterprise When merchant model, and the entire solution.As part of the reform, the company has slashed Fees and pricesmaking it easier for businesses to participate in its services.

B2BinPay’s website has been completely redesigned to improve user convenience. In addition, the platform has received many upgraded features and enhancements.

New rate plan

B2BinPay team has made some changes to our pricing plans to provide better value to our clients. The merchant model volume thresholds and percentage tiers have been lowered as shown below.

To make it easier for business customers to use B2BinPay’s services, the onboarding fee has been reduced from $1,500 to $1,000. The team also changed the percentage tier thresholds for enterprise users, saving clients a lot of money. Here are the changes:

There are no fees for outgoing transactions. These prices are among the lowest on the market, making B2BinPay a very attractive option for our clients.

UI improvements, expanded functionality, new website

The B2BinPay team has redesigned the company’s website to provide useful content for visitors in an accessible format. The newly designed website provides detailed information about the products and services offered by B2BinPay. These revamped pages make it easier for customers to know what to expect from your solution.

B2BinPay is extensive guide For on-chain and off-chain transactions. On-chain transactions take place on the blockchain and require confirmation by network participants. B2BinPay does not charge any fees for on-chain transactions, but customers will have to pay the associated blockchain fees. B2BinPay’s proprietary technology allows off-chain transactions to be completed between users. These transactions occur outside the blockchain, are unlimited and instant, reducing blockchain fees and speeding up processing. This website provides a detailed overview of on-chain and off-chain transactions occurring between different users.

Now, customers can easily navigate the steadily growing list of currencies thanks to the new “Available Currencies” page with over 80 different coins. This page allows visitors to find and use their currency of choice with maximum convenience.

Additionally, the team has also added an FAQ section to the website to address any questions customers may have. This page describes all aspects of the services, features and security measures provided by the Company. Clients can quickly and easily find detailed answers to their queries without contacting customer service or searching extensively on your website.

B2BinPay’s API makes it easier than ever for businesses to integrate blockchain technology into their payment systems. The whole process is safe and incredibly convenient. Get all the documents you need in just a few clicks. Additionally, B2BinPay has been updated to include features such as Merchant Invoice Limits, Delta Amounts, Cardano (Ada), and various efficiency improvements for a more user-friendly experience.

Add new token

B2BinPay has expanded its selection of currencies and tokens for both merchant and enterprise clients. With the addition of nearly 100 new tokens, including Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), Ankr (ANKR), Gala (GALA), Immutable X (IMX), users now have a wider range of options.

Enhanced merchant model

B2BinPay has rebuilt its model to better serve its customers, offering three different options: Enterprise, Merchant (Fiat Payments), and Merchant (Crypto Payments). In the latter model, users have the option to create a Tether-denominated virtual wallet (USDT), USD coin (USDC) or Bitcoin (Bitcoin).


of B2BinPay The platform has seen significant improvements over the past year, making it an excellent choice for businesses wanting to use cryptocurrency payments. B2BinPay aims to bring the latest in his website and great features to his customers, allowing him to offer competitive fees and pricing models that fit businesses of all sizes. With a fast, secure and reliable payment processing solution, your customers can rest assured that they will receive the best possible service. B2BinPay is dedicated to providing businesses with cryptocurrency payment solutions that meet their individual requirements.

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