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Azuki vs. Ganja Guruz: Which NFT Collection is More Innovative and Artistic?

NFT collections have recently been the most exciting area of ​​cryptocurrency to invest in. Its innovative features have captured the curiosity of many individuals. These individuals have become investors and continue to acquire more NFTs.

Investors are always looking for highly creative, cultural and visually appealing NFT collections. Not only that, but it also includes NFTs that are relatively relevant and valuable in the market. NFTs like Azuki are attracting a lot of investor interest. Ganja Guruz leads the market in creativity, innovation and artistry.

Let’s take a look at why ganja guruz are considered more artistic and imaginative.


Ganja Guruz owners have access to Budblockz (BLUNT)’s own platform.

Ganja Guruz is a series of NFT collections accessible on the Budblockz (BLUNT) cryptocurrency platform. Budblockz is a new crypto project that is taking the market by storm and continues to increase in value. It is a cannabis-based e-commerce protocol that leverages the power of blockchain technology.

Budblockz (BLUNT) was developed to create a safe, comfortable and transparent environment for cannabis users to transact with merchants. We use BLUNT as our token and payment instrument. All his BLUNT token holders are eligible to be part of the Budblockz community. They receive updates about the project and have access to many unique opportunities on the platform.

Ganja Guruz is a new project in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s still in the pre-sale stage, but it’s making a big impact on the world. The project has attracted the interest of several investors looking to improve their portfolios. Being the first crypto project to challenge cannabis stands out from many others. The Ganja Guruz community is made up of thousands of weed lovers from all over the world.

Ganja Guruz is a high value NFT collection that offers multiple benefits to its owner. Ganja Guruz owners have the opportunity to become part-owners of a blockchain-based global cannabis business. The weed industry is snowballing and is worth about $200 billion in decades.

Seeing that the cannabis industry has yet to reach its limits, individuals who invest in Ganja Guruz can merge with the rapidly thriving industry and experience significant growth in their wallets. , is full of unusual artwork, considering it is the first on the blockchain. Ganja Guruz owners are also allowed to participate in cannabis-related play-to-eating games, where holders can earn her BLUNT as a reward for participating in the games her arena.


Azuki creates her avatar by blending various anime traits.

Azuki was launched by a group of artists based in Los Angeles. It is an NFT platform where holders can participate in the garden. The Garden is an online club with limited membership and remote access. Each Azuki collection is represented by an avatar that grants membership to the owner.

The Azuki Project has about 10,000 anime stimulus NFTs. The company’s project team considers him one of the most widely known decentralized metaverse brands in blockchain. Azuki puts the interests of its members first and entrusts project ownership to owners. Holders are also responsible for building the platform and making new changes.

Azuki is experiencing support and growth from supporters. Like other PFP NFT projects, avatar features are based on random selection. This means that NFTs are mixed with different properties from different anime.

There are many unique NFT projects on the market. But it’s the more creative and innovative that attracts investors’ attention. Ganja Guruz and Azuki is a unique NFT project, full of imaginative collections. However, users seem to gravitate towards his Ganja Guruz as it is considered more innovative and the first of its kind.

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