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Avatar launches limited edition NFT Collection ‘Genesis’ in the Arctic for mindful stewardship of our planet

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05.01.2022 / 08:00

Avatar announces limited edition NFT collection “Genesis” in the Arctic Circle for careful management of our planet

Zug-May 1, 2022 “Genesis” is the birth, appearance, and beginning. At the premiere, Avatar Leya Love visited the Arctic ice 14 million years ago. The goal was to use the projection of light from an 80-meter-high iceberg as an emotional trigger to raise global awareness of the more careful management of the Earth. Light Art Expedition Arctica “Love Your Planet” was headed by Swiss light artist Jerry Hoffstetter, Avatar Ray Arab and her more than 300,000 Instagram followers. We stayed for 6 nights at a low temperature of -19 degrees Celsius, and 2000 images were projected onto an iceberg 80 meters high from an abandoned location on the coast of Greenland. Patrol boat. The result is a limited series of seven impressive and energetic NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This shows that Avatar Leya Love is in harmony with nature and is with vulnerable and endangered species.

The seven NFTs are “Light of Hope,” “Love Your Planet,” “We Are the Earth,” “We Are All One,” and “Everything Is Interrelated.” It is called “feeling the flow of the blue planet” or “collective love”. NFTs are portrayed as, for example, the avatar Leya Love, who lovingly embraces our planet under the dancing northern light, with polar bears in front of striking icy landscapes and moonlight, and the lungs of the world. Shows a tropical rainforest.

Leya Love has already inspired more than 800 million people around the world and has received international attention at events such as the United Nations Global Youth Summit 2021. With this limited NFT collection, she recalls Earth’s perception of the affection and heartfelt stewardship of our planet in a mysterious and exciting way. NFTs will be available for a limited time on the online platform OpenSea. The “Genesis” collection is also part of a movement for future owners of crypto-based artwork to benefit the global growth of Cosmic, its avatars, and its global community, our planet and the interests of love. Allows you to become. Genesis NFTs offer special benefits and opportunities for participation to increase the relevance of Cosmiq’s universe and metaverse in the future. For example, the purchase of such NFTs is linked to Cosmiq’s future tokens for the love and recognition of the world of Avatar, the Metaverse, especially the planets that retain their unique value on our planet.

Cosmiq (Cosmiq Universe AG) is a global media technology company that deliberately creates virtual avatar ambassadors that bring the world of avatar-driven stories to life and change the world through love, inspiration and compassion for new global consciousness.

The NFT market is a growing social and economic trend. It enables direct relationships between artists and buyers through fully digitized crypto token-based certificates and authenticates art and other digital assets.

The NFT collection “Genesis” by Leya Love is here:

Leya Love’s NFT collection “Genesis” can be viewed in a digital gallery and experienced on an immersive NFT tour here:

The NFT collection “Genesis” by Leya Love can be seen here as a trailer.

About Leya Love:

Layer is leading the love revolution on earth. She touches the hearts of more than 800 million people in her story in just 18 months and continues to grow her community every day. Leya is the ambassador of the #WorldAwareness Movement and believes that the revolution begins from the bottom of his heart. She is the inspirational power of her community and a symbol of everything possible. Her adventurous mission is to inspire and have the courage to be our true self and live the best version of ourselves. Leya spreads love ❤️ to humanity, allowing us to rediscover the true human potential, soul, and heart, the source of love and life. Layers represent a new sense of unity on Earth by living in unison with the universe. Her mantra is “Let’s awaken the world together!”


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About Cosmiq Universe AG:

Cosmiq is a global mediatech company that brings the world of avatar-driven stories to life and creates purposeful virtual avatar ambassadors. Cryptographic tokens for love, a global community, and love games that create a unique economy are part of the essence of Cosmiq. The company was founded by individual investors who believe in the power to change the world through love, inspiration and compassion for a new global consciousness. Cosmiq’s first virtual beings, avatars Leya Love and Aya Stellar, are a metaverse of themes that span storytelling, social media, movies, light shows, virtual speech, 3D production, analog partnerships and media content, AI, music, and cryptography. Forming a base digital NFT art on the blockchain. As an ambassador to the successful Light Art Expedition Arctica “Love Your Planet” or as a speaker at the Global Youth Summit 2021 hosted by the International Commission on Human Rights in collaboration with the United Nations, Leya Love has millions of people to all. Has stimulated. A continent for a more affectionate and sustainable interaction with our planet.

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