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Australia’s NBL dunks into the metaverse and NFTs

Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) makes its forays into crypto and the metaverse with slam dunks, back alleys, or dribbles between legs. Pick your favorite basketball move.

NBL today announced partnerships and multi-year agreements with NFT/cryptocurrency companies BlockTrust, ePlays, and Tracksuit Group. This is a union aimed at spreading his love of NFTs to basketball fans in Australia.

according to the information shared stock head, This partnership will allow fans to “engage with NBL in new and exciting ways through Discord. channel, NFT [non-fungible tokens]digital collectibles, etc.”.

This partnership will develop what is known as NBL’s upcoming ‘web3 marketplace’. chains,to a fan Dedicated app It serves as the entry point to the NBL metaverse and their “personal web3 world”.

(By the way, “web3” is the term used within crypto circles to describe the next-generation internet built on blockchain/crypt rails.)

The app will include an NFT wallet element to buy, trade and showcase NBL NFTs, a “strong community component” and a place for NBL and its partners to airdrop “digital and physical benefits.”

NBL Collectibles are also compatible with the Dapper wallet, the gateway to the Flow blockchain, home of the NBA Topshot Digital Collectibles/NFT platform.

Target a “whole new legion” of supporters

Chainz’s website provides a quick overview of the types of perks proposed, designed for fans involved in NBL’s metaversal forays.

This includes: Opportunities to interact with players in-game or online. Access to exclusive events. Chainz governance features.


The NBL’s chief commercial office, Brad Joyner, believes the basketball league’s foray into the metaverse and irreplaceability will help bring “a whole new legion of supporters” to the sport.

“ePlays, BlockTrust, and Apart from the tracksuit group,” Joyner said, adding:

“The digital universe space offers NBL fans new ways to engage with the league. As one of Australia’s fastest growing sports, we are always looking for new and innovative things to do. How to grow your audience. ”

For more information, visit Chainz at NBL. website.

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