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AtomicHub Integrates the NFT Checkout by Banxa

AtomicHub recently announced that it will work with Banxa to promote NFT. Development started with AtomicHub, which integrates Banxa’s NFT Checkout within the platform.

This feature allows AtomicHub to provide users with a smooth, fast and seamless NFT purchasing experience. Developed at WAX, AtomicHub provides his NFT marketplace where users can list, trade and buy her NFTs.

This platform aims to enable NFT enthusiasts to witness different NFT experiences. Works with multiple wallet features to connect to various blockchains. The latest integrations are very important to AtomicHub as they enhance payment solutions several times over.

This will streamline AtomicHub’s NFT purchasing process, resulting in better conversions and a better customer experience.

Additionally, this collaboration will provide the following benefits:

  • Supports multiple payment methods including Visa, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, MasterCard and local methods
  • Complete handling of regulatory compliance
  • Zero fraud chargebacks

The platform decided to attract new users by proposing a 0% Banxa commission offer for the first two weeks. Given AtomicHub’s unique capabilities, the first offer will certainly bring a large number of his NFT enthusiasts to the platform.

Banxa CEO Holger Arians commented on the recent integration. According to Arians, buying NFTs can be a tough experience for customers around the world. That’s why Banxa is excited to partner with AtomicHub, a pioneer in addressing user-facing problems.

With Banxa’s NFT Checkout, the platform will reduce friction and allow customers to purchase NFTs using multiple global and local payment options. AtomicHub will also integrate Banxa’s fiat-to-cryptocurrency solution, allowing users to purchase $WAXP, his WAX’s native cryptocurrency.

AtomicHub has over 14 million registered wallets, $561 million in transaction volume, and 290 million NFTs. Banxa’s risk & compliance services and local payment options make these numbers even higher. At the same time, Banxa will also get huge exposure from the partnership.

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