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Asmongold told viewers to delete crypto ads from r/place

In today’s stream Asmon Gold When I came across the Loopring and ImmutableX ads, I was streaming the popular subreddit r / place canvas. Streamers who aren’t fans of cryptocurrencies or NFTs have asked their audience base to completely black out their ads and remove them from online. canvas.

“Fill it 100% black. Get rid of it. I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”

Asmongold tells viewers to remove crypto ads from r / place

In 2017, subreddit r / place started as an April Fool’s joke and a social experiment. Reddit users can change the color of a pixel in a large mural with a 5-20 minute cooldown. Subreddit was recently restarted for April Fool’s Day 2022.

While looking at the murals on the stream, online sensations became a problem with some crypto-related ads on canvas, especially Loopring and Immutable X ads. He tried to get the viewer to replace the ad with black pixels and rebuild the ad.

“It will be useful as an example by blackening the whole thing.”

Later, crypto-focused subreddit r / superstonk started posting hate threads targeting popular streamers. Users of subreddit allegedly violated our Terms of Service and called on each other to bomb their Twitch accounts with reports.

He ridiculed the threat:

“Please report to me, I needed a vacation for a while.”

Fans react to Asmon vs. r / superstonk

Lots of reactions to the r / place war between internet stars and r / superstonk were immediately infused. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are very divisive topics, especially among gamers, so it’s no wonder this news can be controversial.

Fans streamer Not only did he appear to defend his actions, but he mocked the thread of hatred he received from the crypto subreddit.

He has received a lot of hatred from r / superstonk, Popular streamer He seems convinced that he is right and shows that he is willing to accept the backlash.


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