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As January ends, here is a report card for OpenSea’s record breaking 2022 debut

Following the impressive performance of December 2021, some new records have been set. Finally, it’s time to dive into the metric to see how 2022 has dealt with the giants of the NFT marketplace. High seas..

Cannonball in 2022

according to Dune analysis, High seas [Ethereum] In January 2022, we recorded a record high monthly trading volume. In December 2021, we raised more than $ 2 billion, but in January trading volume was close to $ 5 billion. Specifically, the exact amount at the press was $ 4,795,721,595.90746.

In short, January 2022 was blown out of the water in December 2021.

Source: Dune analysis

However, OpenSea [Polygon] Did not see as a dramatic rise in Monthly volume.. In December 2021, it brought about $ 76 million, but in January 2022 it was about $ 77 million.

Source: Dune analysis

in terms of NFT sold monthly at OpenSeaHowever, Polygon once again surpassed Ethereum, recording sales of approximately 2.6 million NFTs and 2.4 million NFTs, respectively.

Look at Ethereum Gas charges It helps to better understand if cost changes probably caused these numbers. However, in January 2022, on average, gas charges were higher than in December 2021. Average gasoline price It was about 134.34 Gway.

Good press, bad press

Global factors can give us more clues. For example, in January 2022, Twitter Blue used the OpenSea API to enhance its Twitter NFT profile picture. This definitely caused a lot of user engagement.

Even more interesting is the record statistics for January 2022. Alleged vulnerability It is related to how OpenSea users remove NFTs from a list or list.This vulnerability is Abused several times As a result, by users who have earned hundreds of ETH.

That wasn’t the only problem this month. NFT theft is on the rise and many artists are reportedly pointing their finger at OpenSea. Not doing enough To prevent the theft of artwork at the source. Complaints are so rampant that International news agency Covers the problem. Overall, success across the OpenSea ecosystem does not necessarily lead to popularity outside the crypto industry.

Grayscale paying attention to the Metaverse?

So are NFTs just apes and hype? As many still think, one of the major crypto players that seems to be paying attention to this sector is investing in grayscale.

Its latest “Assets under consideration” List, Investment Services Company has listed several tokens related to NFTs and Metaverse, including Axie Infinity. [AXS],sandbox [SAND], And Enjin [ENJ]..

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