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Arts Feature: The Emergence of Zines on Tezos | NFT CULTURE | NFTs & Crypto Art

Born from the Harlem Renaissance In the city of New York in the 1920s, the creation of zine has been synonymous with decades of different subcultures, art movements and literature. For the unfamiliar, zine in the broadest sense is a vanity press of writing, art, photography, comics, or all previous mixtures, and usually mainstream publications tend to reject and vice versa. There is also. With roots in freedom of expression and play, personal autonomy, support for local communities and underground communication, zines emphasizes artists and writers from around the world from a traditionally underrated background. We are finding new and important places in the blockchain community.

In general, these Web3 zines are simply .pdfs created. Each issue is visible to anyone who wants to thumb up digitally by promoting accessibility of information, but collectors have a limited amount of editions available to support the creators of zine. You can buy it. Some zines, like The Tickle, have subscription tokens that enthusiastic collectors automatically drop new editions into their wallets in the air, astonishing as the artist’s special edition art in zine. As the culture and community grow, more innovations will emerge in the distribution model, format, and perks in collection.

This is not a comprehensive list of zines currently available in Tezos, but here are highlights of some exceptional publications in the curation of artists and writers, each with their own niche theme. ..


At the forefront of the Tezos zine movement is The Tickle –. @inwarhol – Recently, 52 editions featuring hundreds of Tezos-based artists and writers from around the world have been published to celebrate their first birthday. Released every Friday and jointly hosted to talk to featured artists, The Tickle is a love letter to countless artists working within the Tezos ecosystem. Personally, I love to roam the kaleidoscopes of the works and artists on these pages and find new artists.

Tickle was founded by @GuysWily3 months co-production @MaiaMellier And various co-editors including @THorsmeier @JonicolaRush..The team is now @GuysWily When @monochromatikal TickleLit co-editor @heyghostshoes


Cryptofago A new publication that stands out especially to emphasize Brazilian artists.Created by @acatfishartist With the help of @_vcntt_ Published in English and Portuguese to reach both the international and Brazilian markets. With exciting content to provide a cultural background and history to non-Brazilian and background-inexperienced audiences, this zine will help you gain a deeper understanding of the artists in the major art markets of Global South. The name Cryptofago is a tribute to Oswald de Andrade’s declaration of cannibalism, a document that refers to Brazilian modernism in the 1920s.



Created by @burkabayramart When @weird_realm, Sloth Zine is a cartoonist-focused zine that encourages you to slow down and take a break. Featuring 30-50 artists each featuring a one-page black-and-white comic edition, the creators internationally highlight all of Tezos’ great illustrators. Comics tend to be thought of as a digestion of a simple format, but each page of this zine feels meditation about the comics on Sunday morning.

Sloth zine


Helix Zine Established by ―― @arditty & @damlasahinbas_ – Is a photo zine designed to inspire each other and discover new ways of creative thinking. The unique feature of this zine is the chain structure. The first photo of zine affects the next photo, and each artist affects the next photo without knowing the previous artist. This creates a comprehensive visual story that is a collective flow of consciousness.


Mina Art Mug Is a Brazilian women’s digital art magazine focused on helping female artists and voice building to equalize women’s expression in art around the world.Created by @silviahmariah When @Art_GiovannaF, The name Mina means “girl, woman” in Portuguese and clearly shows the content of this zine. This publication is exceptional in exploring the issues surrounding women navigating the world of art, not just female artists.

Mina Art Magazine

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[保存]Right click Although not an on-chain zine, it is worth mentioning the early crypto art movements since Tezos and their work to preserve the stories and heritage of digital outsider artists.Run by @alexestorick Under the umbrella of @clubnft – Artnome Project – But editorial independent, this publication is worth diving for those seeking a critical discussion of art on the blockchain.


The author of this article is a collector and enthusiastic reader of these zines at the time of publication.

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