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Artist Edgar Plans and Candle Media’s Exile Content Studio to Mint Second NFT Collection, Lil’ Villains

The Lil’ Heroes Universe Continues Expansion With Lil’ Villains NFT Set For The Mint Dec 12th

Los Angeles, December 6, 2022–(business wire)– Lil’ Villains, the next chapter in the renowned Lil’ Heroes NFT collection by Spanish contemporary artist Edgar Plans and Candle Media’s Exile Content Studio, will be minted on December 12, 2022. Requires both heroes and villains, combine heroes and villains to unlock utilities, and give collectors access to training his camp, which offers the chance to receive limited editions, merchandise, and event tickets.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here.

Every hero needs a villain. This is the all-new Lil’ Villains artwork for the Lil’ Heroes NFT franchise. (Image: Business Wire)

The first Lil’ Heroes collection, launched in January 2022, sold out in 45 minutes. Lil’ Heroes community members have exclusive early access to the Lil’ Villains collection, which is also expected to sell out quickly. Collections will be published on a priority list before being released to the public.

Beyond the NFT collection, Lil’ Heroes is an entertainment franchise that includes animated TV series, consumer products, licensing, publishing, events, games and more. The franchise aims to grow with its community of collectors and fans, starting with the NFT collection and bringing together the traditional worlds of art, entertainment and technology. Exile Content Studio recently acquired a majority stake in the Lil’ Heroes NFT franchise.

“From the beginning, Lil’ Heroes was built with the intent of creating an entertainment franchise centered around the mischievous characters of Edgar Plans. Daniel Eilemberg, co-founder and CEO of the Lil’ Heroes NFT franchise, said: “When I started fleshing out the TV series with showrunner Kevin Sinick and executive producers Carmelo Anthony and Asani Swann, I realized I was missing what every good story needs: a villain. .”

Eilenberg continues, “As we continue to build Lil’ Heroes into our media brand, we want to provide more benefit and utility to the community for our commitment to the Lil’ Heroes project and universe, so we created Training Camp. Lil’ The Villains are your ticket, join Training Camp with your Lil’ Heroes counterparts and be the key to innovation in Lil’ Heroes’ digital community and its NFT space.”

“With the launch of Lil’ Villains, the sequel NFT collection of Lil’ Heroes, I continue what I see as my childhood biography, and indeed our collective childhood biography. Artist Edgar Plans said: “These characters are playful and nostalgic and they remind us how to fight for good and what is right in this world.These NFTs are the Lil’ Heroes and Lil’ Villains we are building. It is the gateway to the world of , spanning art, entertainment, and, in the future, even our identity.”

The Lil’ Villains Collection will be available on December 12th, 2022 Lil in 3 stages. In Phase 1, a Lil’ Heroes collector can mine 1 Lil’ Villain for each Lil’ Heroes NFT he holds (gas fees apply). In Phase 2, people on the priority list, such as those on the whitelist of Lil’ Heroes who couldn’t be made in January, and the current owner of his Lil’ Heroes, will have his Lil’ Villains. You can buy it. Phase 3 will be open for general sale.

The Lil’ Villains mint follows the announcement of Kevin Shnick’s entertainment franchise as showrunner for Exile Content Studio’s Lil’ Heroes animated series. Shinick joins NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony is executive producer of the series, along with his partner and co-founder Asani Swann, who produced Creative 7.

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About Lil Heroes

Lil’ Heroes is a brand and entertainment franchise created by Spanish artist Edgar Plans in partnership with Exile Content Studio. In January 2022, he will be launched as the NFT Collection, which will serve as the cornerstone of his entertainment franchise with multiple touchpoints with fans and viewers. These include not just NFTs, but merchandise and licenses, anime shows, events, publishing, games, and more.

About Exile Content Studio

Exile Content Studio creates content in Spanish and English for a global audience across multiple platforms (TV, film, audio and digital). Exile’s team leads content production for the world’s largest Spanish-language media company, responsible for film studios, OTT services, broadcast and cable networks, music, news and digital. The company’s current slate includes award-winning talent across genres and formats. Follow @ExileContent on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on Exile’s projects.

Exile Content is part of Candle Media. Candle Media is an independent, creator-friendly home for brands and franchises that define cutting-edge, high-quality categories built for the digital age. Bringing together elite talent operating at the intersection of content, community and commerce will help position leading entertainment businesses for accelerated and sustainable growth in current markets and beyond. . Candle was founded by co-chairman and co-CEOs, Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, key entertainment executives, and is backed by investment capital from Blackstone’s flagship private equity fund managed by his business.

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