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artèQ Launch NFT Investment Fund to Transform the Art Market By CoinQuora

artèQ launches NFT investment fund to transform art market

table of contents

  • Preface
  • Bringing the best artwork in the world to blockchain
  • How artèQ integrates analog art and NFTs
  • ART EQ token
  • The expanding ecosystem surrounding the artèQ fund
    • artèQ art gallery
    • Metaverse Gallery
    • artèQ auction house
    • Cryptographic loan program
  • What is the future of artèQ?
  • Final idea


artèQ is an Ethereum-sponsored project aimed at helping investors leverage NFT art as an alternative asset class. To this end, we bring analog and digital masterpieces into a blockchain-based ecosystem, offering endless opportunities. Above all, it makes the emerging crypto art market more accessible to everyone.

The project started in 2021 and has already jumped over its extensive roadmap. One of the most promising milestones in its development is its listing on the Swiss market in May this year.

This article describes artèQ’s rapid development, future capabilities, and plans for the world’s first NFT investment fund.

Bringing the best artwork in the world to blockchain

Before delving into the artèQ project, let’s briefly explain why NFTs are so essential to the crypto art market.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are immutable code that resides in a distributed public ledger or blockchain. Important data such as ownership, provenance, and unique transaction hashes are stored and cannot be duplicated. Simply put, it is almost impossible to steal, duplicate or forge, which is a common task in the traditional art world.

When analog or digital art becomes an NFT, it is permanently stored on the blockchain. This “casting” process creates a high quality replica of the original artwork certified by the creator. Most importantly, this NFT introduces a new type of asset that brings value and fame to its owners.

A clear example of this process is the collaboration between artèQ and the famous Belvedere Palace in Vienna. On February 14, 2022, the two organizations jointly launched an NFT drop of Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece “Kiss”. How this happened!

artèQ made a high resolution digital copy of a famous painting and divided it into 100×100 grids. Each of the resulting 10,000 unique individual pieces became an irreplaceable token. In this way, the purchaser became the owner of the unique tiles of Kiss NFT, the only certified digital representation of the world-famous painting by Gustav Klimt. They do not own Klimt’s original work. However, I own part of the blockchain version as an NFT. Therefore, in the light of the booming crypto arts market, they hold assets with infinite value growth potential.

How artèQ integrates analog art and NFTs

The artèQ NFT Investment Fund, or Fund, is currently one of the most exciting initiatives in digital art. The goal is to bring together the best works of art from prominent traditional and digital artists in the same space. This blockchain-based platform has its own Ethereum Support Token (ARTEQ), which anyone interested in art can invest and participate in.

The artèQ Foundation actively trades artwork collected at several auction houses, including its own artèQ auction house. We also negotiate its value directly with collectors, museums and art galleries around the world. Most importantly, the fund seeks to build connections with artists and institutions to consistently ensure optimal artwork purchase conditions.

artèQ tokens are listed on decentralized exchanges and data aggregators such as Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. The artèQ token represents the total value of the artwork in the fund and the total assets of the fund in ETH.

The artèQ team has solid expertise in both art and technology, combined with NFT’s endless opportunities. This fund gives the artèQ community, or ARTEQ token holders, access to promising investment opportunities. One of them results from simply holding or staking a token. The price of tokens should rise over time. Therefore, the value of their portfolio can grow significantly in the long run.

The fund should one day become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This allows its members to collectively govern its evolution without the intervention of central authorities. Therefore, the platform needs to be developed in the interests of the most important people, the owners of governance tokens.

ART EQ token

The rapidly expanding artèQ ecosystem uses the ERC-20 token ARTEQ for all operations. The team designed on the blockchain to supply a total of 10 billion tokens at any time. This means that the protocol will never create other ARTEQ tokens or burn existing tokens.

artèQ will begin distributing tokens in January and will eventually open all supplies to the public. Tokens are already available on the decentralized exchange, Uniswap.

In addition, ARTEQ tokens are valid and their contracts cannot be suspended or upgraded. This means that users can trade at any time without interruption. It also means that the condition cannot undergo unexpected changes or replacements.

artèQ has received positive reviews from its leading blockchain security ranking platform, CertiK, for its investment funds and associated smart contracts. This means that the project’s functional mechanism has no pending issues and is highly secure.

The expanding ecosystem surrounding the artèQ fund

It is worth noting that despite its name, the fund does not function as a traditional investment organization. For example, we do not distribute dividends or profits to token owners. Instead, the investment of the members contributes to the growth of the value of the fund’s exclusive artwork collection. Token holders may receive certain privileges, such as special services and discounts, as the fund grows.

artèQ plans to develop an endless ecosystem of fund-centric business functions and activities. They support and leverage artè QNFT, build strategic partnerships and drive the digital revolution in the arts. The most prominent ones are:

artèQ art gallery

The artèQ team believes that NFTs and digital art will reach every home within the next five years. They plan to anticipate this cultural change by opening an art gallery that combines traditional and virtual art in a harmonious environment. artèQ opens Europe’s first NFT gallery in Vienna, with other galleries shortly following Berlin and Istanbul.

Metaverse Gallery

artèQ aims to further develop by opening a virtual art gallery in the Metaverse. This side of the project involves partnerships with established platforms and the creation of an artèQ presence in the Metaverse.

artèQ auction house

The team calls it “the main basic division of artèQ” and represents a unique, innovative and open NFT marketplace. Artists around the world can participate, submit, create and auction artwork on this platform.

The artèQ auction house uses state-of-the-art technology to showcase digital and analog art masterpieces in a secure environment. Unlike most NFT marketplaces, this platform is not a public sale floor. In fact, the artèQ auction house goes through a rigorous selection process for each artwork to ensure that only the best works are sold. In this way, it maintains a high standard of artistic quality and fame. Above all, it provides investors with a gateway to the best NFT artwork on the market.

The artèQ auction house collects commissions from all settled actions and automatically adds them to the value of the fund.

Cryptographic loan program

Another compelling plan for the artèQ roadmap is the development of cryptocurrency-based loan programs for artists. The project, launched in 2023, must provide ARTEQ tokens and NFT holders with access to an exclusive loan-to-value program. The goal is to support artists and make the crypto art market more physical.

In addition, artèQ plans to foster creative partnerships between artists in the analog and digital fields. The platform also uses the latest mechanisms to monitor talented artists with a proven track record. In this way, the fund can launch a special NFT project by collecting the best works of art from the most prestigious artists, museums and art galleries.

What is the future of artèQ?

Starting this summer, artèQ tokens will be available for trading as Swiss security with a unique ISIN number. Before that, artèQ gets the list of Bloomberg / ISIN Switzerland and attracts more crypto investors to the project.

In addition, the artèQ team plans to gain exposure to banks and financial institutions to support future art-backed crypto lending products. To this end, the platform is trying to get a list of mainstream companies such as Forbes and Bittrex.

Finally, one of the most anticipated events at artèQ is next month’s release of a collection of 6,000 NFT works representing one of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s musical masterpieces.

Final idea

Behind artèQ is a team of tech enthusiasts trying to blend analog art with new technologies such as blockchain and NFT. The artèQ Investment Fund helps people invest and participate in the rapidly growing NFT art market. In addition, it allows the younger generation to develop an interest in art while gaining access to important investment opportunities.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are for the author only and do not necessarily reflect the views of CoinQuora. The information in this article should not be construed as investment advice. CoinQuora recommends that all users do their own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

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