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Art Industry News: A Hacker Just Went on an NFT Theft Spree on OpenSea—and Then Tossed Some Back + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most important developments that emerge from the world of art and the art market. Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday, February 22nd:

Need to read

The United States amends legislation governing the return of indigenous ashes – The US Department of Interior has amended the 1990 law, the Native American Cemetery Protection and Return Act. New elements include the appointment of civil punishment investigators to evaluate federal-funded museums that cannot keep a complete inventory of indigenous bodies and burials, and facilitate tribes’ relationships with their ancestors. Includes the addition of guidelines for and cultural objects to facilitate their return. ((((Art newspaper).

Getty staff protests the dissolution of the pension system – Retired employees of the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles opposed the museum’s decision to sell its “defined benefit” pension plan to an insurance company. Former employee Christopher Hudson said pensioners would lose federal protection from the insurer’s bankruptcy when the plan ended this summer. ((((Tan).

Ambivalent hackers steal dozens of NFTs – A mysterious thief stole an NFT from 32 OpenSea users. This includes the expensive Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. The platform’s CEO states that it was the victims of phishing attacks that were affected, but some victims claim that the thief exploited a flaw in OpenSea’s system. The plot thickened when a hacker returned part of the NFT to his former owner and sent 50 ETH ($ 130,000) to one victim. ((((Kotaku).

Cape Town Art Fair feels the absence of Europe – On-site dealers at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair said they felt an impact on the sales of international collectors who are willing to travel and quarantine for the fair. Low-priced works by up-and-coming artists, such as Feni Chulumanco’s figurative paintings under $ 10,000, sold well, but more expensive ones were delayed. ((((Tan).

Mover & Shaker

A new Hong Kong gallery focused on conceptual art – Writer Isabel Chan and her husband Willem Morseworth (former director of De Salte Gallery) have opened a new space in Hong Kong. Its conceptual art-oriented programming, called the Property Holdings Development Group (PHD Group for short), aims to defend the work of Asian women and queer artists. ((((South China Morning Post).

Spanish police discover missing tapestries for decades – Spanish police recovered a 17th-century Flemish tapestry stolen from a church in northern Spain in 1980. A lawyer for the art thief Rene Alpons van Denberge, who became known as “Belgian Eric” after his death in 2020. He returned the tapestry (one of the six stolen) to the authorities. ((((UPI).

Moai returns to Rapanui – A giant moai sculpture, one of Rapanui’s iconic stone-headed monuments, is on its way back to the island. The 715-kilogram sculpture was removed in 1870 and transported to Santiago, Chile. It has been returned as part of the Chilean Ministry of Culture’s efforts to return ancestral remains and sacred objects to the island. ((((Guardian).

For art

The northwest makes very emo art – In a video from Vogue’s “Objects of Affection” series, Kim Kardashian showed off some of his daughter’s Northwest art.In addition to Bob Ross-style landscape that offended the internetThere is a charcoal painting of a floating head with dead eyes and a snake-like tongue. “Maybe it was her emo mood,” Kardashian said. Celebrity kids … they are like us! ((((cut).

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