Thursday, November 23, 2023
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Art Blocks hits the top of the charts on OpenSea with its Friendship Bracelets collection

Art Blocks, a generated NFT art collection, took the top spot on the OpenSea marketplace this month. This refers to the latest series of free-to-create friendship bracelets.

Over the past week, the collection has reached 996 ETH (or $1.3 million) in 24-hour trading volume on the secondary market, with a total trading volume of 7,437 ETH (approximately $10 million).

Comprised of over 38,400 unique pieces, the Friendship Bracelet was first created by Erick Calderon, founder of Art Blocks, and further designed by Alexis André, professional artist and founder of the Japan Generative Art Foundation. it was done.

In addition to being a virtual asset, the holder can physically duplicate the bracelet by following the instructions sent to the holder after purchasing the NFT.

In addition, holders will also be able to claim 2 tokens for free from October release until this month.

check out art block team here.

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