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Are You a Rich Dweeb? Buy This ‘Car Man’ NFT for $8.5 Million

Rich dwarf, would you want to buy this $8.5 million 'Kerman' image from the article titled NFT?

Do you own $8,458,650.00? In other words, 5,000 Ethereum coins. Rich girl, do you have any items: Carman Logo Art NFTavailable now on OpenSea.

We’ve been talking about these things for like an eternity and I’m still not entirely sure what NFTs are or why anyone would use the equivalent 2 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport to get This one in particular seems to depict a man suffering from an extreme case of a trumpet mouth, but is also impressively a Volkswagen?

The automotive industry has been experimenting with NFTs for some time, with little success.chevrolet Offers NFT that comes with free Corvette Z06 (actually the first one built), and no one bids on itNissan Canada has done something similar GT-R NFT and real GT-R, and at least someone bought it. Alfa Romeo has experimented with what sounds like a semi-useful application using NFTs and blockchain. Track service records for the new Tonale SUV, a complication of what the dealer already handles the finer details. As you know, NFT transactions require a lot of power (and therefore often generate large amounts of pollution). At least one automotive NFT involved Lamborghini … Blown to pieces and sold as digital tokens.

Meet Car Man Logo Art NFT This article About the most expensive car themed NFT ever sold.And our purplish wheeled guy out there is set to get a pretty penny. He was born into this digital world on the 12th of February2022, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, has not found a bidder so far.

How would you like to use Karman Logo Art NFT? Allow his current owner, Morabira Logo Designs NFT Collection. explain:

It is sale of Carman logo art NFT. carman logo. Modern, simple and unique off-the-shelf car man cartoon character logo. This symbol is suitable for car dealerships, advertising, marketing, campaigns, vehicle rentals, and personal collections. A design that conveys fun, happiness, joy, cheer, fun, enjoyment, excitement and passion. The mark itself looks great as an avatar for his social media or as an icon for websites and mobile. A vector or scalable file of the logo is provided in PDF format. All purchases are non-refundable.

of Listing on OpenSea Karman Logo Art NFTs will be available until September 16th.Don’t try to save $8.5 million just by taking screenshots. Doing so means you won’t be able to access the unexplained “unlockable content” you get with the purchase of the Car Man Logo Art NFT!

Or you can open up an old copy of Microsoft Word and find some vague car-free clip art. Your call, my rich sweetheart.


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