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ApeCoin Community Commits to Ethereum to ‘Properly Scale’

With the victory of the layer 2 blockchain, ApeCoin, The Governance Tokens of the ecosystem Bored Ape Yacht Club have narrowly voted not to extend outside Ethereum.

After a 6-day voting period 53.6% Percentage of members who voted to stick only to Ethereum. Over 7M APE tokens have been mobilized for voting. This is equivalent to 2.4% of the circulating supply of ApeCoins.

Major rollups

As a result, the community is not an alternative low-cost Layer 1 or proprietary chain, but for scalability, Layer 2 of Ethereum such as the major rollup providers Arbitrum and Optimism, or Immutable X focused on NFTs. May turn to.

This move has been praised by many in the Governance Forum for supporting the transition to L2 to scale.

Forumgoer mg responded that they “agree 1,000%” with the proposal. “Migrating to an alternative L1 will make the community segmented and difficult to move forward. Currently, there are many viable L2s and more will be done in the future. Therefore, all work should be done. And we need to focus on inventing the new app-specific L1. “

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The poll was facilitated by the fallout of Yuga Labs, the creator of BAYC. Metaverse land sale of other acts Last month, it was hampered by the gas war and the failure to trade on the Ethereum network.

Data from Dune analysis Shows that a whopping 60,235 ETH ($ 170.8 million at the time) was spent on successful mint transaction fees during the launch. An additional 1,653 ETH was lost, resulting in 14,285 failed transactions executed by nearly 12,000 wallets.

Scale properly

In the aftermath of May 1, Yuga Labs tweeted, “To scale properly, we need to move ApeCoin to our own chain,” urging DAO to consider the best path ahead. rice field.

In response, DAO engineer bayc2491 created the AIP-41 Governance Proposal the next day. The author argued that Apecoin “should not stay within the Ethereum ecosystem and move elsewhere to L1 chains or side chains that are not protected by Ethereum.”

Suggested that migrating ApeCoin from Ethereum will allow Yuga to support ApeCoin longer in relation to NFTs such as Bored, Mutant Apes, or Otherside Deeds. He added that Ethereum’s L2 will significantly improve pricing and speed without compromising the security provided by Ethereum.

At the Governance Forum, K9 said leaving Ethereum was a terrible idea. “The community was born here. Apes should be in their place. The rollup will eventually capture most, if not all, transaction execution in Ethereum.” K9 also. ApeCoin proposes to leverage StarkWare as a service provider to launch its own rollup Tweet StarkWare developer Liron Hayman is calling on the ApeCoin community to use their technology.

Come and vote

0xCreative has announced support for AIP-41, stating: no thanks. “

Governance proposals advocating the move of the project out of Ethereum will be withheld for three months after AIP-41 passes governance.

Yuga’s NFT collection is the most popular in terms of trading volume, with Mutant Ape Yacht Club 7th, Otherside Others 9th, and Boring Ape Yacht Club 11th overall, each about in the last 24 hours. We are trading one million dollars worth. Dapp Radar..

CoinGecko BAYC is ranked second with a minimum rate of 93.88 ETH and MAYC is ranked sixth with approximately 19.2 ETH.

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