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Another powerful DeFi tool created by DexKit, this time focusing on NFTs

NFT Marketplace Wizard

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Compare NFT Marketplaces

Compare NFT Marketplaces

With millions of dollars of investors in the market, creators are a little closer to getting their fair share without the involvement of any person or entity.

We help all artists, creators and even musicians build profitable businesses without labels and managers cutting off their profits. The Creators Economy will take hold. ”

— João Campos, Lead Developer of DexKit

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, 24 September 2022 /EIN — In a previous article, I introduced a Brazilian tech startup. dex kita full-time advocate for creating simple tools and solutions for decentralized finance users, and with two years of traction, are building tools big enough to compete with multi-million dollar capital projects. We have accumulated a portfolio. Currently, the project sits on a bed of real liquidity close to US$200,000, ensuring that new investors have a sufficient financial floor to avoid losing a high percentage of their investment. I can do it.

After the financial topic, let’s focus on the latest tools created by the project. This blog post), the tool is a fully decentralized open source NFT marketplace with additional bonuses. NFT Marketplace Creation Wizard This allows everyone to have their own NFT marketplace without paying a dime.

While it is true that there are already dozens of decent competitors that allow clients to create NFT marketplaces, there are many differences between their projects and those developed by DexKit.

Best cost-benefit relationship: NFT Marketplace creation and hosting from provided wizard is free and uses decentralized hosting (Vercel)

Open source forever: DexKit received a large upfront payment from our biggest partner, the 0x project, to keep this tool open source. Anyone can fork a repository on Github, add their own functionality, and deploy it to a trusted host.

Secure and Scalable: Designed using TypeScript, the tool is highly capable of executing commands efficiently in real-time, without the possibility of data leakage or hacker intrusion. The language is smart contract’s best ally, allowing for limitless features to be added in the future without impacting the production environment.

Great compatibility with new EVM networks: Ethereum, Binance Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and soon Arbitrum are listed as networks compatible with this NFT tool, projects like Niftify only support Ethereum and Polygon guarantees a larger and better market share compared to (despite the higher cost of the service), among others.

You can never be kicked out of the market, and you can never kick someone out.

Out-of-the-box premium services: This project aims to provide help and better-featured personalized services to anyone looking to start a digital business. In this case, at a very low monthly fee (not defined yet), new features are added for customers who subscribe to the NFT Marketplace creation wizard (multi-page sites, FIAT gateways, fully customized with gradients possible section, social media feeds utilizing live Google Analytics, etc.) to compete with big brands by offering better tools at lower prices.

DexKit encourages everyone to try the tools made available through this journey. These tools have been improved with great care and patience to this day and each one looks and functions great.

Eliecer Hernandez F.
Verisafe Tecnologias da Informaçao LTDA
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NFT Marketplace by DexKit


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