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Anonymous Team Introduces the Let’s Go Brandon NFT Collection on OpenSea

Investors are willing to pay high for NFT copies of digital products from many artists and entertainers, and this new starting point is enjoying great benefits.

LGB (Let’s Go Brandon) According to its creator, it contains tens of thousands of samples that represent prosperity, freedom, and the spirit of “America.”

A mysterious team tells us that they were able to put the entire collection together in the middle of the night. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other successful past initiatives, the project relies primarily on Discord’s newborn community to grow.

What impact does this collection have on the market?

It’s always important to estimate how NFT’s new art collection could impact the industry. The success of this technology in 2021 was remarkable, but not all NFT collections were able to raise millions of dollars.

If you look at a project in a neutral spirit, you still need to emphasize some of the qualities of the whole job. For example, as of today, the team looks correct (at least not in pixelated format) if they claim that the Internet doesn’t offer a “Let’s Go Brandon” NFT collection that contains many of these works. ).

We don’t yet know the names of all the “brandons” that make up this OpenSea collection, but we should receive more information in the coming weeks. What we know is that the artist has five days between each sale announcement.

Those who are new to selling NFTs should be aware that participating in these rounds can be difficult. Artists tend to sell artwork for a limited period of time, and if you want to add NFTs to your wallet, the buyer may need to act quickly.

Can NFTs provide a regular source of income?

One of the most attractive features of the blockchain industry is the ability to generate revenue for passive users. Due to its reputation as a volatile market, passive income has appealed to many risk-averse investors who previously avoided it.

The Let’s Go Brandon team has decided to participate in this trend as well. The artist promises that traders who own 4 or more NFTs in their wallet will receive a 10% bonus on all system transactions.

The team wants investors to hold NFTs

In an enthusiastic market like the blockchain market, you may want to buy an NFT and sell it at a high price right away. Teams prefer to discourage such short-term speculative approaches by benefiting everyone who holds an NFT.

In addition to paying revenue to people who own at least four Brandons (see dedicated section), the team shares initiatives to expand the community. For example, some ultra-rare NFTs should be available during special events, and investors may integrate the two Brandons to get a new NFT.

Final idea

It will definitely be interesting to observe how the market reacts to the launch of this new collection. As already mentioned, not all NFT collections sell for millions of dollars, but some collections can achieve this result.

Let’s Go Brandon will soon be unveiled with a humorous view of the world of politics. We will keep our readers up to date with any new developments in this initiative.

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