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Anime Village Releases Two Utility-Rich NFT Series Featuring All-Original Characters

Utility-based NFT for anime and manga fans

Carmel, Indiana, USA, December 23, 2022 /EIN– Anime Village (AV), a social metaverse company made for anime fans, manga and Gaming are pleased to announce the launch of the first two NFT series. Both offer unique utility for added value and engagement.

The first is the Tetsu Collection featuring the main characters from all of the company’s original manga, Adamant. NFTs, displaying 7th-century heroes dressed in various samurai armor and uniforms. Utilities built into each piece allow the purchaser to get his one-of-a-kind avatar with the exact same gear to explore the virtual world of Animemura in style.

Anime Village CEO and co-founder Gary Phillips said: “As anime fans, we want to make sure that every product we make, including NFTs, has that ‘wow’ factor. The Tetsu Collection definitely offers fans just that. “

The second series, Gaido Collection, focuses on Suki the owl, a virtual guide to Anime Village. Suki proudly appears in front of 10 unique backgrounds to showcase her mood and personality traits. And just like the Iron Collection, this includes fan-focused utilities to enhance the overall experience of Anime Mura.

“Gaido is so cool because it’s simple yet impressive,” says Bryan Soroka, co-founder and Chief Lore Officer of Anime Village. “What I really love about this series is the utilities, which are annual digital memorabilia that come in the form of Metaverse-exclusive artifacts and items, avatar upgrades, cartoons, land deals, and more. As long as you keep it, you will receive this “thank you” every year. ”

Both collections will launch on the Polygon blockchain, which boasts lower gas fees and faster transactions compared to Ethereum. On the green side, Polygon’s “fault-tolerant” proof-of-stake mechanism replaces computing power with staking, dramatically reducing energy consumption.

The Tetsu and Gaido collections are now available on AV’s marketplace. You can also download the pre-alpha playable metaverse demo of Anime Mura and read a preview of Adamant, Anime Mura’s first fully original manga, in the preview section of the company’s site.

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